Stand a Chance to Win 1 of 8 Hampers Worth R1 400 Each, Courtesy of COSMO and Kleenex®!

*Adds Kleenex® to makeup kit 💄

Sometimes the easiest beauty hack is in plain sight – Kleenex® facial tissues! Here are 4 ways we like to use this nifty product in our beauty routine.

1. Use it to Dry Your Face

Did you know that wiping your face with a cloth or towel can sometimes irritate your skin and do more harm than good? Especially if you’re dealing with acne. Instead, try placing a facial tissue on your face and allow it to absorb the water. Then apply your facial products and sunscreen as you normally would.

2. Pout Perfect

If you want your lip colour to last longer, just grab a tissue. Apply your favourite lipstick, hold and press a facial tissue between your lips, and follow this with a second coat of lip colour.

3. Control That Shine, Girl

We’ve all been there – you leave home with a mattified look and a few hours later your T-zone is oily. Don’t freak out, just blot away the oil with a facial tissue. It will remove any shine without ruining your face beat.

4. All Eyes on You

Applying glitter eye shadow can sometimes be a messy process. Avoid eye shadow falling onto your skin by placing a facial tissue under your lower lash line to catch any excess product.

Here’s What You Stand to Win

  • Retail pharmacy voucher worth R500
  • Electrical hot water bottle
  • Kleenex® Balsam Product
  • Kleenex® Product (Pocket Pack)
  • Kleenex® Blanket
  • Happy Socks

For a chance to win 1 of 8 of these Kleenex® hampers, tell us which Kleenex® beauty hack you would try.

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Competition is only open to South African citizens. Ts & Cs apply.

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