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It all began in June this year, when we asked you to take our quiz to find out if your relationship is more yin, more yang or somewhere in between.

Why all this talk about yin and yang? Well, opposites attract – just like in the new Securex Active Hygiene Soap. It strikes the perfect balance between gentle aloe vera and powerful, 99,9% germ protection. In the same way, relationships are all about compromise – being individuals who meet somewhere in the middle.

Hundreds of couples from around the country shared their quiz results and entered the competition, their eyes fixed on the R20 000 grand prize or one of two R2 500 runner-up prizes, courtesy of Securex Soap.

We have narrowed the list of finalists down to three couples: Amber and Alessio, Fortunate and Chris, and Amber and Luigi. Now it’s time to choose a winner – and the results are up to you, our glorious COSMO readers. We want to know which of our three finalist couples you think combine their differences to make the perfect match.

We’re giving away 12-month COSMO digital subscriptions to 10 lucky readers who send in their votes!

Simply tick the box to vote for couple A, B or C in the form below and enter your details.

Good luck!

Couple A: Amber and Alessio


Amber and Alessio met through a mutual friend who didn’t want them to meet. How’s that for a strange twist of fate? Amber is all about the urban lifestyle, while Alessio is a suburban homebody. What brings them together is their love for each other, good cheese and better wine. Finances see these two going in opposite directions, with Amber doing all the saving and Alessio spending his dough on threads and sneakers. Three lifelong friends are all the companionship that Alessio needs, while Amber is the outgoing type, always meeting new people. Spending time together as well as apart and nurturing themselves as individuals is what brings balance to this special relationship. Cheers to a bright future together!

Couple B: Fortunate and Chris

Fortunate is an ‘if I don’t speak about how I’m feeling I might just burst’ kind of woman, whereas Chris is more ‘if I keep quiet and think about blue skies and green grass, then this problem might just vanish into the ether’ kind of man. When it comes to finances, Chris is all about rationality, while Fortunate loves to splurge on a new pair of shades or shoes (because YOLO). Let’s just say Chris and his Xbox are well-acquainted, while Fortunate is more about the outdoor life. But on the odd occasion, the two join forces for a good game of Mortal Kombat (because old-school) or a candlelit dinner (because they’re romantic like that). Their philosophy? Never go to bed with an unresolved issue. And so far, so good.

Couple C: Amber and Luigi

It all came down to Instagram for fun-loving Amber and Luigi. After a flurry of liking each other’s pics on the ’Gram, Luigi slid into her DMs and got the convo started. A year later, they’re still going strong. Professionally, these two individuals could not be more different: Amber is a student and Luigi owns two businesses. She loves YouTube and Instagram; he loves the thrill of gaming. And when it comes to TV, Luigi is all about the sci-fi life, whereas Amber loves to get lost in reality shows – the trashier, the better. This couple believes that communication without judgment is what makes a relationship work. Add unconditional trust to the mix and what you have is a recipe for a thriving relationship. Go, team! 

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