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It’s a new year, and we all know what that means – time to usher in a new class of sexy men. From TV presenters to sports personalities, these hotties have been carefully selected by the COSMO editors because hey, sometimes you just need a little eye candy! What’s better? Tell us who you think should win the title of COSMO’s Sexiest Man 2019 x Col’Cacchio. You could WIN R10 000!

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Funny man and professional photobomber Yaaseen Barnes interviewed COSMO’s Sexiest Men 2019 candidates and had us lol’ing in our shoot. Grab our Jan/Feb issue, on shelves now, and check the full interview with our hotties.

Zweli Dube

34, Actor

Tell us one thing we don’t know about you. I sometimes sleepwalk to the kitchen in the early hours of the morning to get a snack.

Dale Leisegang

28, Engineer

Who was the last person you texted and what did you say? My dad and I said, ‘I’ll pack the wine!’

Sthembiso Khoza

32, Actor

Tell us something about you that no-one knows. I had never worn a Speedo in my life … until this shoot.

Fezile Mkhize

27, Presenter

What is something no-one knows about you? I’ll be releasing a novel before I turn 30. As a sci-fi lover, it will likely have themes that are out of this world.

Zack Hartwanger

29, Entrepreneur

Tell us something about you that no-one knows. Back scratches are my kryptonite.

Sky Sins

25, Entrepreneur

What do you do? I’m an entrepreneur, model and content creator. I also created a nutrition brand called Physique Collection by Sky, which is focused on providing natural supplements to help people reach their fitness goals in a healthy way.

Musa Mthombeni

28, Doctor

Are you dating anyone? I’m currently crushing on many people. That’s normal, right?

Akani Simbine

25, Professional athlete

Who are you crushing on right now? I’m crushing on someone and she knows that I’m down for her.

Don Madge

27, MMA athlete

What do you do for a living? I’m a professional MMA athlete, and I compete in the UFC’s lightweight division. I own an MMA gym in Cape Town called MADfit MMA and I’m also a martial-arts coach.

Paballo Nasius

30, Model

Who was the last person you texted and what did you say? I messaged my youngest brother. I told him that I miss him, and that he’s very strong and courageous.

Gemaén Jordan Taylor

28, TV host

What was your reaction when you were named one of COSMO’s Sexiest Men 2019? The first thing I thought was ‘this is awkward’ because I never really thought of myself as a sexy man, but now I am owning it thanks to COSMO. Haha!

Ryle De Morny

29, TV presenter

What do you do for a living? Most people know me as a presenter on Top Billing. I’m also a volunteer lifeguard, and I have a company that manufactures customised training equipment, rigs, calisthenics programmes and obstacle courses.

Now that you’ve met them all, tell us who you think should win the title of COSMO’s Sexiest Man 2019. BRB, we’re feeling a lil’ (a lot!) thirsty.



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