Join the COSMO Break-up With Plastic Challenge and WIN 1 of 10 SodaStreams

COSMO is no longer in a relationship with plastic.

The world is changing and it’s time for us to change our relationship status with plastic. In just over a year, 50 governments have signed up to the #CleanSeas campaign to protect the oceans and cut back on single-use plastic.

Every year, eight-million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans and poison our fish, birds and other sea animals. This is the same as one garbage truck of litter being dumped into the ocean every minute.

Timed with National Environmental Month and World Environmental Day on 5 June, this month we launched our first-ever Green Issue, devoted to living a more sustainable life for the future, and educating readers around slow fashion and ethical beauty.

It’s time for us to do our part by re-evaluating our use of plastic and to encourage governments and private sectors to do their bit to beat pollution.

In a first-ever partnership of its kind, COSMOPOLITAN and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) will collectively challenge our digital audiences to a seven-day plastic break-up diary on Instagram, to create awareness around plastic consumption and pollution.

The break-up challenge:

Break-ups are always hard and require time, patience and establishing new habits. We’re all in this boat together and it’s incredibly difficult to go plastic-free in today’s current plastic paradigm. It won’t always be easy … but it is possible and there will definitely be more fish in the sea.

Here are some tips on how to take part in COSMO’s plastic break-up challenge for #CleanSeas and the UNEP.

Crib these practical tips:

1. Realise how toxic plastic is: Start looking around to see how much single-use plastic you are surrounded by on a daily basis.

2. Cut it out of your life: Recycling is great, but rather try to refuse making use of single-use packaging,  juice cartons, straws and any other disposable plastic (recyclable or not). Rather bring your own mug, jars, bags and containers when making purchases.

3. Remind yourself of its bad qualities: Create a break-up box and place any plastic packaging you produce each day for seven days (recyclable or not) inside it – don’t throw anything away. There’s no shame. We’re all struggling with this, so be honest. Each day, line up the plastic you have used and take a picture of it to share to your Instagram Stories.


4. Challenge yourself to move on and find something better: Look at your purchase decisions and compete with yourself – see if you can find any alternatives to reduce your plastic consumption each day so that by the end of the challenge you can see your progress.

How to enter?

We want you to create a plastic break-up social-media diary:

Share your week’s journey on your Instagram Stories and stand the chance to win 1 of 10 SodaStreams.

Did you know 1 SodaStream bottle is tested to replace 5070 BOTTLES AND CANS of an average family uses in 3 years? They are also BPA free and are fully recyclable within 3 years. 

Follow these steps to enter:

  1. Take a photo of how much single-use plastic you use in a day, every day for seven days.
  2. Post your images to your Instagram Stories every day using #COSMOPlasticBreakup #CleanSeas and tag @UNEnvironment and @CosmopolitanSA
  3. Next, fill out the #CleanSeas Pledge and share it on Facebook: https://www.cleanseas.org/pledge

That’s it! You’re entered.

This month is about raising awareness, starting a dialogue and supporting each other in driving change. We want to hear your stories. You can turn the tide on plastic waste. You can be part of the movement, and you can make a difference.

Read more about COSMO’s Green Issue here.

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