How to Make Wedding Season More Bearable When You're Single

Besides, you could meet some hotties!

Whatever your reasons for being single, wedding season can be a hard time to navigate. Even if you’re happily alone, the constant questions about where your date is and pitying looks from old people can get to you. And if you wish you were shacked up with somebody, the last thing you need is putting up with a whole day of PDAs and declarations of love. If your invite didn’t include a plus-one, here are a few tips to make it through the nuptials without wanting to sneak off early:

Get excited 

Weddings are literally just a big party for your friends to celebrate being in love – what could be more fun? If the couple aren’t your mates and you’re going more out of obligation to your mother’s cousin Bernard, however, it can be hard to feel anything other than dread. Remember that being included in someone’s special day is a huge honour, no matter your connection to them. Be happy that you made the cut and see it as an opportunity to meet new people, dance and eat a ton of fancy canapés.

Scope the crowd for potential hook-ups 

While Wedding Crashers created an unrealistic idea of how easy it is to hook up at a wedding, it is pretty likely you will meet some eligible hotties there. The first part of the wedding is the most important bit, because that’s when your friends declare their undying love for each other (JK, it’s because that’s when you get to spend a good hour or so looking around, trying to suss out other hot singles in your area). Lay some ground work but don’t commit to anyone just yet – you never know if a cute cousin is going to show up at the reception late and then you’re stuck with Average Groomsman Number 2 all evening.


Don’t play the role of the bitter single person

If you’re a cynic when it comes to weddings, put your attitude aside for a bit and just try singing along to Amazing Grace without rolling your eyes, okay?

Befriend the fellow single people at your table 

It’s likely your friends have lumped you together with a motley crew of any other single people they could find (it could be worse, you could be at the kids’ table). Make an effort to not sit on your phone all night and try the whole ‘small talk’ thing – you might never see these people again so you can say pretty much whatever you want, plus you’re going to need these guys to back you up later on the dance floor when Single Ladies comes on.


Prepare your answers for the inevitable questions 

You’re going to hear a lot of the same prying questions from people you barely know all night (sigh), so be ready for them. ‘So, how do you know the bride and groom?’ and ‘When do you think *you’ll* get married?’ are the top picks, but you never know where a nosey aunt draws the line in terms of questions that are too personal.

Pace yourself 

It’s so hard to turn down bubbly, especially when you’re not paying, but just a few glasses too many and you could end up being forever remembered as the person who threw up on the dance floor while doing the conga. Take it slowly and remember to have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have.


Get involved 

You might be inclined to cringe at all the corny wedding things you see going down but you would have a lot more fun if you just pretended to be basic for the evening. Act super-excited about the bouquet toss, throw confetti like you really mean it, dance with the weird old uncles and participate in the cheesy performance of the Grease medley that every single wedding DJ is guaranteed to play at some stage. You’ll have fun, we promise.

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