Forget Mason Jars and Bunting - These Are The New Wedding Trends

Think “wedding” – but with more perspex

Remember when everyone’s wedding looked like it had taken place in an upcycled barn where food was served in jars and there was floral bunting as far as the eyes could see? That was nice but all cute things must come to an end. And make room for different, newer and cuter things.

Here are some of the wedding trends you’re likely to see popping up this year. Potential brides, take note, and wedding guests, I hope you’re excited to eat lots of ice lollies and macarons.

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Hanging Florals

Forget elaborate vases and struggling to make conversation across the table over big floral arrangements, we’re hanging flowers now. Couples are keeping tables clear and suspending their floral arrangements from up high. We support any trend that means more table space for food and wine.

Photobooths: Still A Thing

…But now with less mustache-shaped cut-outs, thank God. The concept of a photobooth was too cute to ditch completely, but the trend has moved away from bright hats, over-sized glasses and other ‘funny’ props. The photobooths of now are less booth-like, taking place in front of a simple wall draped in white or something a bit more extra, like a billion beautiful flowers (Kylie Jenner had one at her baby shower and it was pretty AF). Props optional.

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Unusual Entertainment

If you want your wedding to be extra special you need to have something more memorable than a DJ who plays the Grease medley on repeat to entertain your guests. You want to get guests involved and happy to stick around even after all the hors d’oeuvres have been eaten. Popular tricks methods include hiring a caricature artist to draw guests (because photos are great but seeing someone make a bizarre, borderline offensive drawing of you in under ten minutes is unforgettable). Also popular at the moment is having giant versions of games like Jenga or Connect 4 for people to play.

See-Through Stuff

If your aesthetic is more chic and modern Scandinavian than whimsical garden party with flower crowns you might be interested in trying this trend. Modern weddings are all about the transparent details. Like venues with lots of massive windows, getting married in a greenhouse, Perspex furniture and lots of glass decorations.

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Statement Seating Plans

A simple and easy-to-read table chart just won’t do anymore. Sorry, old people. Seating charts that require a bit of interaction and look exciting aren’t necessary but they’ll make people go ‘ooh’ a lot and whip out their phones. And if you want your wedding to be the most Instagram-ed wedding of all time then you’ve got to provide some Instagram-able moments. And also invite some millenials. Maybe one of them will go Live on Instagram for you, that’d be cool.

Attach guests’ names and table numbers to something that doubles up as a keepsake they can take home. Like little customised tiles, pretty fake flowers, or an engraved piece of Perspex (this plays into the ‘see-through stuff’ trend too, making you and your wedding double as trendy).

Unique Food

If you two are self-declared ‘foodies’ then you’re probably going to want to serve something out of the ordinary to your guests. This year couples are trying out ‘family style serving’. This is where you eat like you would at a big family function, placing big bowls of delicious food along the table and letting everyone dish up for themselves. Your guests will think it’s cute and quirky while you get to feel smug thinking about all the money you saved by not hiring waiters. Another trending way to feed your friends and family is making it more of an experience. Think a do-it-yourself sushi station or a ‘dessert bar’. Desserts should be creative and Instagram-able. Ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, doughnuts and macarons (yes, macarons aren’t going anywhere).

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The Great Indoors

Outdoor weddings have become something of a given, especially when you live in sunny South Africa. Lately more couples are trying out this whole ‘staying indoors’ thing, and it’s been catching on. Go for beautiful buildings with high ceilings and interesting detailing like an old warehouse or a stately home.

Loaded Cakes

Last year we saw a lot of pretty pastel cakes with drip detail along the top, smoothed sides and a bunch of macarons, flowers and other goodies on top. This trend is here to stay for a while (because flowers on a wedding cake never go out of style and everyone loves macarons) but it’s bigger. Just add more flowers, more macarons and more delicious drips of icing.

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