How To Hide Your Hangover At Work

We’ve all been there – one too many (okay, five too many) and a chaotic stumble home the night before, only to have to make an appearance at the office the next day. Make the long 9-to-5 slog ahead of you that little bit more bearable with these tips to hide your hangover at work.

Wear flats. Nothing will give away a night of heavy drinking like struggling to keep your balance, worsened by head rush every time you stand up. Also, pick your battles. Today is not a struggle-with-stilettos kinda day.

Don’t skimp on the makeup. Because it sucks when someone double-takes in the office and asks if you’re sick, just because you didn’t have a chance to slap on some foundation. The same goes for when you’re hanging AF: a swipe of mascara and a hint of lipstick will make you look more awake (and put together) than you feel. Side note: moisturise plenty before you apply, as alcohol has a nasty way of dehydrating everything, even your skin.

Keep a low profile. As in, try not to open your mouth and reveal that Macy-Gray-meets-Louis-Armstrong raspy voice you’re currently sporting. Just smile and nod.

Chew gum. Because yes, you smell like a brewery (that specialises in cheap tequila). But also because refreshing your mouth – and ridding it of the aftertaste of last night – will make you feel a whole lot better. Promise.

Take a long lunch. Then tell everyone you have afternoon meetings, and leave.

If you can’t just leave, try some eye drops. They help clear the morning-after-the-night-before bloodshot look (not sexy). With any luck, the jarring process of putting something into your eyes might wake you up. And here’s to hoping you’ll bump into your boss just after applying the drops, she’ll think you’re sobbing over something serious, and then she’ll send you home. Win.

Wear headphones. Or ear-ins. Or basically anything to drown out the incessant noise of everybody and everything around you. It’s the only way to stop the hammering in your head.

Snack on toast. Not only will filling your stomach with something bland (carbs) help raise your low blood-sugar levels without making you want to chunk, but it’ll add energy to your super-tired system.

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