These Are Officially the Most Instagrammable Spots in South Africa

Check out which spots are giving Lion’s Head a run for its money.

Travel company Big 7 Travel recently revealed their list of the most Instagrammable spots in the world, and South Africa cracked the top 5. They hinted that our prestigious ranking was largely thanks to Cape Town’s ‘endless natural beauty and clifftop views, pastel pink neighbourhoods and turquoise waters’. Now, after some vigorous hash tag searching and location tag data collection, they have shared the exact spots that make our country so #nofilter-worthy.

The 50 Most Instagrammable Spots in South Africa includes natural beauties like The Otter Trail and man-made wonders like The Silo Hotel. But if you’re serious about raking in the likes you need to be posting top 10 material. Here are the most photogenic locations in South Africa you need to take your next selfie at:

The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in South Africa

10 Sani Pass, KwaZulu-Natal

This mountain pass lies between Lesotho and South Africa and provides some killer views that are well worth the trek. If you think your feed would be significantly improved with a photo of a rainbow stretching across the Drakensburg mountains then Sani Pass is the spot to head to.


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9 Lion’s Head, Cape Town

This hike is everyone’s favourite because it gives you the most bang for your buck. Just an hour or so’s hike will provide you with a ton of content, including panoramic shots of mountains and sea, photos of you looking pensively out over the whole of Cape Town, and some shots of you dangling your legs kinda dangerously off the edge of a rock ‘cos you’ll do anything for the ‘Gram.


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8 Stellenbosch

Laughing into a glass of wine on a wine farm, strolling down a quaint street lined with old buildings while holding the brim of a cute hat, or posing in between some vineyards, Stellenbosch has got hella backdrops for all types of Insta posts.


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7 Lion Sands Ivory Lodge

It turns out sleeping *literally* in the bush makes for some great content. This outdoor hotel is super popular on the feeds of South Africans and tourists alike.


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6 Blyde River Canyon

The internet can’t get enough of the Drakensburg it seems. This section of it, which is 25km long, is particularly beautiful and Insta-worthy; look at that view!


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5 Orlando Towers

These colourful towers are famous for the massive murals painted on them. Also ‘cos people love to jump off them, and does a bungee jump even count if you didn’t share the whole thing on social media?

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4 Mandela Capture Site, KwaZulu Natal

Of all the Nelson Mandela tributes dotted around the country this is one of the coolest looking. The sculpture portrait is made up of 50 vertical columns that come together to make one image (it’s a metaphor, guys) when you stand in the right spot.


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3 Jacaranda Trees, Pretoria

People give Gauteng a hard time for not having the same level of natural beauty as our seaside towns, but come jacaranda season the area really comes to life. In spring the trees come into bloom, and the fully purple-lined roads are quite a sight.


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2 Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve

There are a few nature reserves featured on the Top 50 list but Sabi Sands comes out on tops. Staying at the private lodge guarantees you’ll see some amazing animals, as well as stay in luxury. So if your photo of a pride of lions doesn’t rake in the likes you have your photo of fairy lights surrounding your glam treehouse accommodation to fall back on.

1 Bloubergstrand

If you look at Table Mountain from the city or Southern Suburbs you might find yourself thinking ‘What TF kind of table looks like that?’. If you’re wanting to see the mountain in all it’s flat-topped glory you need to head to Bloubergstrand, which is officially the most Instagrammable spot in South Africa.


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