This Stellenbosch Wine Farm is the Cost-Effective and Relaxing Getaway You've Been Craving

Treat yo’ self, honey!

Babes, we know life can get very busy real fast. A long overseas vacation may seem ridics, due to you possibly not having enough leave days (or the damn money, lol), but what you do know is that you need some serious downtime. The answer to your mid-year woes may be closer than you think.

We often tend to overlook the gems we see in our everyday lives. This was totes the case for me. I was invited to Spier Hotel and Wine Farm for a short staycation and let me tell you, I was shook.  The setting, the food and the activities available make this hideaway the perfect spot for relaxing, and I was given the opportunity to bond with nature and enjoy lots and LOTS of wine. Sounds good already, right?


Let’s talk about the location…

Spier Hotel and Wine Farm is located in Stellenbosch, along the Eeerste River, where you are greeted by green lush gardens and beautiful antique buildings.  The quietness on the farm is exactly the kind of relaxing environment one needs for a peaceful weekend away.


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The hotel rooms have a village-style aesthetic, with wooden finishings and exquisite fireplaces. You almost feel like you have travelled back in time, but with a modern edge. The rooms can be a bit cold so the fireplace is essential – and with the unlimited Wi-Fi, you may very well find yourself bingeing on series and sleeping in longer than you intended.

The estate itself has so many beautiful trails – you can choose to walk or use a Segway (we’ll tell you more about that later). Another big plus is that you feel super-safe on the premises and have easy access to golf carts, which is amaze when you wanna head straight back to your room after a big lunch.

Now, let’s talk about the food…

I honestly had no idea there were so many restaurant options available on the estate. Each restaurant has its own signature style, making each dining experience a little unpredictable during the entire weekend.

If you’re looking for a steakhouse kind of vibe, Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery is the place to go. The menu is super-easy to navigate and the meat is to die for. The price points are also cost-effective, and the restaurant offers a Friday night pizza special which is great for bigger groups.

My personal fave was Eight Restaurant. The food was AH-MAZING and it’s all made using organic produce from the farm and neighbouring estates. The outdoor setting is so lovely and has a great view of the grounds. The price point is a little higher, but the food is delish, if you’re looking to treat yo’ self.

Of course, there is also the Spier Hotel Restaurant which is beautifully decorated. The breakfast spread is vast and the service is professional. Also, there are a number of vegan dishes at all the restaurants so all diets are adequately catered for.

Finally, fun activities you didn’t know you needed…

To be honest, I don’t really enjoy holidays/weekend getaways where there are too many activities. I tend to take things very chill, but I was pleasantly surprised at how fun some of the activities at the farm were. Naturally, there are spa facilities and they even offer some of the treatments in your room (I mean!). This is essential for your downtime itinerary, babes.

There are also wine tastings available throughout the day which are incredibly informative, so can you show off your wine knowledge. The staff also run you through a range of wines that are produced on the farm and sold at really competitive prices, so it’s always lovely to get one of the signature wines for your own collection.


My favourite part of the trip had to be the vineyard Segway tour. This is a two-wheeled mode of transport that makes every part of touring a large wine farm so much fun. Before you head on the tour, you get a quick lesson from the instructors. It’s all very nerve-racking in the beginning, however, after 20 minutes with the instructor, you’ll be a pro. It is so much fun and a great way to get your adrenaline pumping. I would suggest the special Spier have at the moment, which goes for R295 pp for a minimum of four people. Gather your friends and try this out. I promise you won’t regret it.

If you are looking for a fun and relaxing weekend away, keep your eyes locked on the Spier website to find out if they have any off-season deals.

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