South Africa Just Got A Super Prestigious Award: 5th Most Instagrammable Country in the World


Our country might be a mess politically but at least the natural beauty of South Africa is something we can always be proud of. Now our boasts about South Africa being one of the most beautiful spots in the world have receipts to back them up: Big Seven Travel just released a list of The 50 Most Instagrammable Countries in the World, and we made top 5!

The 50 Most Instagrammable Countries in the World

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The top countries were decided using ‘a comprehensive scoring system that analysed the number of hashtags per destination’ combined with data gathered from surveys and votes. Australia took the top spot with an overall rating of 89.98% while South Africa was rated 80.94%; that’s an A!

‘South Africa has dramatic scenery, fantastic hiking trails and deserted beaches that boast spectacular ocean views. What more could you ask for?’


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Some Twitter users have scoffed at the idea of the word ‘Instagrammable’ being a thing, let alone a legit judging system. But it’s actually the perfect way to measure a country’s combination of both natural beauty and man-made beauty. If a country is Instagrammable it means it’s got it all, from beaches and mountain ranges to cute coffee shops and spots with beautiful tiles so you can have you #IHaveThisThingWithFloors moment. South Africa definitely ticks all those boxes, with a lot of our points being won thanks to Cape Town’s ‘endless natural beauty and clifftop views, pastel pink neighbourhoods and turquoise waters’.

The top most Instagrammable spot in South Africa is the Diving Board Rock on Table Mountain (upon which you’re encouraged to do everything except actually dive off).


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Some of the other most ‘grammed spots that helped us to win this oh-so-prestigious title include the bright beach huts at St James, The Drakensberg, Babylonstoren and, of course, the colourful houses in Bo Kaap.


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If this makes you feel weirdly patriotic and proud you’re not alone. To get us to the number one spot all you have to do is flex on your followers and Instagram the hell out of your already-photogenic surroundings.

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