Live Like A Local: The Best Bits Of Cape Town

There’s more to Cape Town than just that big mountain.

Cape Town is the tourist capital of South Africa and with good reason; it’s a beautiful city. Because of this when you ask Google for Cape Town recommendations you are met with classic tourist-y activities like shark cage diving, riding the big wheel or going to Seal Island. But what’s fun to do if you’re not a middle-aged German couple? We asked locals what their favourite things to do in the heart of the CBD are:

What’s the thing you do in your city when you’re broke?

A few yoga studios, including Yoga Life and Yoga Zone, offer free classes for a week for new clients, no strings attached. It’s so rare to get things for free in a busy city (plus who doesn’t love a good yoga class?) so go to as many free classes as you can! The Old Biscuit Mill is an over-done tourist destination and the food there is pretty pricey. They are also very generous with their free samples, however, so you can just walk around snacking for free on a Saturday morning. The best way to save money is to not eat out, but eating at home is dull and you’ve got the whole of Cape Town to work with. Make food at home then go eat it somewhere scenic, like on the Sea Point promenade or in Green Point Park.

Where do you go if you’re in need of some nature?

The best bit about Cape Town is you’re never more than a short drive away from the beach. This means you can pop down quickly after work; you don’t have to wait until the weekend to get your Vitamin D fix. There are also so many stunning hikes to be done. The Pipe Track is at the top of town and great for hiking rookies. If you go in the late afternoon you will get to see a glorious sunset.

What is the most underrated spot in your city?

The Clay Cafe is a bit of a drive (it’s in Hout Bay) but it’s so worth it. They have a room full of plain ceramics (everything from simple plates to Minion-shaped sculptures), a selection of paint and a whole lot of brushes and tools to decorate with. You choose whatever you want to paint and spend the day getting creative while eating (they serve food) and chatting to your friends. Then they put your artwork in their kiln and two weeks later your creation is yours. Even if you’re not arty it’s such a nice way to spend time with friends, and you’ll never buy a mass-produced mug from Mr Price Home ever again.

Where do you go if you need to do work?

Field Office  in Woodstock is great for sitting on your laptop all day. Lots of freelancers use it as their ‘office’ so it’s easy to get in the zone here, unlike other coffee shops where you’re constantly being distracted by people having fun. Their coffee is delicious, they have freshly made sandwiches for lunch, and it’s really bright so it doesn’t feel like you’re cooped up inside. It’s always nice to sit somewhere where you don’t feel like the staff are secretly hating you for using their WiFi all day even though you only ordered one coffee.

What’s the best place for a night out?

If you want to go dancing The Waiting Room is usually a safe bet. There’s something different every night, including live music, discos, and a really good hip hop party every Friday called Uppercut. The upstairs balcony is covered in fairy lights and gives you a beautiful view of the city. Go to Royale Eatery downstairs for an incredible burger and super thick milkshake before to line your stomach.

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Where is the most Instagram-able spot in your city?

We’re spoilt for photographic choice in Cape Town because there is so much natural beauty here. Head to any beach on the Camps Bay side of the mountain after 5pm to get dreamy red-tinted sunset photos.

There are also lots of extremely aesthetically-pleasing coffee shops and restaurants here. Going to The Raptor Room and not taking a million photos is an impossible task. Everything is pink, leafy or covered in dinosaurs; even the toilets are cute! You need to try their mac and cheese and their speciality soda floats (like from your childhood).

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