7 Tips for Keeping Your Diet Healthy While Travelling

Travel tummy is real

It’s pretty normal for all healthy eating habits to go out the window while you’re travelling. After all you would never be able to forgive yourself for not at least eating five stroopwaffels a day while in Amsterdam, right?

While we’re so not here for diet shaming and denying ourselves of little indulgences, but it’s undeniable that these unhealthy choices have an impact on our bodies. You should return from your trip rested and relaxed, not stressing about how much sugar and pasta you binged on while away.

Try these healthy eating habits the next time you’re abroad

1 Stay regular

Travelling can wreck havoc with your digestive system, leaving you feeling bloated and so not as regular as an All Bran Flakes commercial would like you to be. You can’t predict what and when you’ll be able to eat while away but you can take control of your gut’s health.

TIP Carry probiotics with you. Snacking on yoghurts or sipping on Kombucha (both excellent probiotics) will help to keep your digestive process running smoothly (so to speak).


2 Miss me with that plane food

Just because you paid for it doesn’t mean you have to eat it. The food served on the plane is not only bland and gross, but it’s full of sodium a.k.a. that ingredient that makes you feel bloated AF.

TIP Skip the dehydrated eggs and pack your own food rather.

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3 Make staying hydrated easier

We tend to forget to drink water while we’re on the move, especially if you’re somewhere that it’s not safe to drink from the taps.

TIP Having a cute water bottle that is easy to carry around with you is going to help you to remember to stay hydrated. Fill it up at least twice a day, and sip on your water instead of buying sugary drinks (which are a waste of money, anyway).


4 DIY Brekkie

We already know that skipping breakfast is not an option, especially while travelling as you need the energy even more. Eating out for breakfast, however, is costly – plus it’s usually greasy and much more food than you actually need.

TIP Buy muesli and milk to make your own breakfast at home instead. Now you’ve got one healthy (and cheap) meal guaranteed every day.

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5 Practice Hara hachi bun me

Hara hachi bun me is a Japanese practice of eating until you are only 80% full. Japan has the highest population of centenarians in the world (people who live to 100 or older) and really healthy BMIs, so they know a thing or two.

Your brain takes 20 minutes to realise when it is full so when we gauge whether we’re full or not it’s usually based on what we see left on our plate not how we feel.

TIP To practice Hara hachi bun me stop eating when you feel like you are nearly full and ask for the leftovers as takeaway. Now you haven’t binged plus you have another meal for later!


6 Reserve indulgence

You can’t re-enact Eat Pray Love and then wonder why you don’t fit into any of your jeans when you get back home.  The best part about travelling is trying the local cuisine, but having a big (and delicious) dish for every meal is going to throw your body out of sync. It’s not what you would do back home so you shouldn’t do it now just because you’re on holiday.

TIP Grant yourself one mealtime a day where you indulge and have something small and simple for your other two meals.

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7 Snack wisely

One of the hardest parts of staying healthy while travelling is resisting the many food stalls you pass along the way full of exciting-looking local cuisine.

TIP Allow yourself one treat every day or every two days (because you don’t want to go all the way to Italy and deny yourself  an authentic gelato) but make sure all other snacking is on things like unsalted nuts, fruit or vegetables.


8 Turn sight-seeing into excercise

Not that you want to be spending your time away sweating in the hotel’s gym, but staying active is important.

TIP If you’re into running then a run around the area is an excellent way to both exercise plus you’ll ge to see the sights. Otherwise pack your takkies and force yourself to walk as much as possible. It will save you transport fares, keep you active and allow you to see sights you might have missed in the back of an Uber.

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