Just in Time For Pay Day: Our Editor's Top Picks for a Weekend Away

Treat yourself.

There’s no better feeling than that pay-day SMS notification, hey? Yes, a good ten seconds of pure bliss – until all the debit orders start coming off and you remember you owe your housemate money too. Get that blissful feeling back by giving yourself something to look forward to – a getaway.

Life, in general, is stressful AF, hence the rise of the self-care movement. And self-care isn’t all charcoal face masks and scented candles; it’s about making time for yourself. Sometimes what you need to get the most out of your alone time is yourself, some peace and quiet, and a lush but totally affordable holiday house for the weekend.

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So if you’re feeling the need to unplug, get away from it all and have some real me-time that doesn’t get interrupted by your noisy housemates or someone ringing your doorbell – we’ve got just the thing. We’ve teamed up with Secret Getaway to find some of this month’s best and more affordable getaways out there RN. Take your bae, take your girls, or really get serious about the self-care thing and just take yourself. That way you’ll have the bathtub all to yourself (‘cos let’s be honest; sharing a bath looks cute in the movies but IRL there are way too many legs in the mix to make it relaxing).

Ready to book your next trip? Check out our list of COSMO Editor-approved getaways below and buy your travel voucher ASAP, while that pay-day feeling is still fresh. Each deal only has a limited amount of discounted travel vouchers available, so if you’re keen to live your best vaycay life, you best get clicking!

Escape to the French countryside (okay, a French-inspired guest house in Knysna)

  • Area: Knysna
  • Stay: 1 Night
  • Vibe: Quiet guesthouse a few minutes away from the heart of Knysna
  • Travel: Valid until the end of September 2018.

This guesthouse only has 5 rooms so it’s super peaceful and you won’t have to fight anyone to get to use the pool. It’s decorated like a French manor, complete with a library. Perfect for ticking off those books from your book challenge, and catching up on some much-needed reading time. You might find it hard to tear yourself away from the lush bedding, but if you do leave the house, you’re in Knysna so you won’t be short of things to do. You can head to the beach, walk through the forest, or go slurp some oysters at the Knysna Oyster Festival which is running until the 8th of July.

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Wine tasting and unique meal experiences for a foodie on holiday

  • Area: Overberg
  • Stay: 1 or 2 Nights
  • Vibe: Ideal for adventurous foodies
  • Travel: Valid until 15th July 2018

Some people are happy to live off Salticrax and Woolworths ready-made lasagnas when travelling, but some are foodies through and through and can’t compromise when it comes to what they eat. Just an hour out of Cape Town you’ll find these cottages in the middle of the vineyards. You’ll be treated to a daily breakfast and wine tasting, paired with a meal at one of their two extremely #foodporn-worthy restaurants (i.e. lots of interesting looking food served on wooden boards). If your form of self-care comes in the form of comfort eating and wine drinking then this is the getaway for you.

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Pretend you’re a balling Clifton local for a night

  • Area: Cape Town
  • Stay: 1 Night
  • Vibe: Breakfast in bed with a killer view of the sea
  • Travel: Valid until the end of August 2018

Nothing says ‘holiday’ quite like waking up to the sound of the ocean. If you want a weekend break but are still a city-slicker at heart, head to this boutique hotel in Clifton. Here you can chill on the deck, take a dip in the pool and enjoy a complimentary breakfast. And if you get bored with the beautiful endless views of the beach and mountains, no worries; you can easily walk down and get in on the yellow umbrella action whenever you like.

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If it’s luxury you’re after, a three-course meal and full body massage await you here

  • Area: Pretoria
  • Stay: 1 Night
  • Vibe: Old-school luxury, complete with butlers who wear white gloves
  • Travel: Valid until the end of July 2018

If you’re someone who spends most of their days sitting at their computer then let’s face it: your back is all kind of messed up. Not only do you deserve some time away from the desk but you deserve someone massaging your body for a full hour, which you and your travel buddy will get if you nip off to this gorgeous guest house. You’ll be wound down, massaged in areas you didn’t even know existed, all while you love and care for your self.

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Chill amongst the wildlife in this private game reserve

  • Area: Limpopo
  • Stay: 1 or 2 Nights
  • Vibe: Game reserve, except it’s, like, really chic
  • Travel: Valid until the end of August 2018

If you’re someone who wants their holiday to be totally different from their day-to-day life then head to the opposite of the city: the bush. Now, we’re not suggesting you slum it in a tent (‘cos spending the whole night stressing that you’re going to get eaten by a boomslang isn’t exactly relaxing), but rather head for a game reserve, and a private one at that. Here you’ll be treated to a massage, all of your meals, a daily nature activity (like a game drive or a guided hike), and, best of all, drinks are on the house.

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Grab a city break in a boutique hotel

  • Area: Durban
  • Stay: 1 Night
  • Vibe: Instagram-able boutique bungalows
  • Travel: Valid until the end of September 2018

Just around the corner from Durban’s Florida Road lies this boutique hotel that will excite anyone who’s prone to drooling over design and interior details. The rooms here are decorated with custom furniture and there’s always something quirky to look at or explore. Most importantly, we all love an affordable break, and this one is just R750 for two people.

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The ultimate way to unwind: with wine, in front of a fireplace

  • Area: Drakensburg
  • Stay: 2 Nights
  • Vibe: Romantic manor surrounded by endless nature
  • Travel: Valid until the end of August 2018

What could be more relaxing than spending your getaway staring at a beautiful lake, staring at a mountain and staring at a roaring fire? All this relaxing staring business and more can be done in this bespoke manor nestled in the Underberg. Head here before the end of August and you’ll get a meal voucher worth R300 plus breakfast on both days.

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So whether you’re looking to get out of the city, or stay on in the city and cool down, wine and unwind, then we’ve got just the rights deals for you. With these specially curated exclusive getaways at exclusive establishments, Secret Getaway is South Africa’s first limited-offer-and-flash-sale travel website that is members-only. It is easy to sign up and free to join. Sign up now to gain access to some of the best travel deals you’re likely to find on the Internet.

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