Peep the Dope Ibiza Villa Meghan and Harry Just Stayed in for a Private Getaway

Live-in housekeepers, private beaches and more! Dead.

To celebrate the 38th birthday of HRH Meghan Markle earlier in August, Prince Harry whisked her and baby Archie off to a lush private getaway in Ibiza. The couple is pretty private but The Sun got the scoop on the spot they stayed at: Vista Alegre, a luxurious gated community with views and infinity pools for days.


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Because it’s so secluded, Vista Alegre is known as the ‘billionaire’s playground’. There are live-in housekeepers, private beaches, and beautiful views of Ibiza for you to enjoy from your pool-side deck chairs. Must be nice.

The villas range from around R60 000 to R375 000 per week, and while we don’t know which one they stayed in exactly we’re pretty sure Harry wouldn’t make his girl slum it in some measly 60k mansion.

This was also Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor (aka their son)’s first overseas trip. They stayed for 6 days, before jetting back to London, then to Nice and Sicily. This three-month-old’s passport is already more impressive than most of ours, TBH.


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The royal couple are known for being vocal on the importance of conservation and sustainability, so unsurprisingly haters had something to say about the heavy carbon-footprint their holiday cost their earth. However, a royal correspondent has confirmed their trip was ‘carbon neutral’.

Before you start imagining that they hired some private jet that runs on tomato juice, the phrase ‘carbon neutral’ isn’t quite that literal. It means that their private plane fee includes support for conservation projects elsewhere in the world that reduce carbon emissions, thus cancelling out the big ol’ carbon footprint they just made. Kinda.

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