7 Serial Travelers Share Their Best Travel Tips and Secrets

You’ll never get lost again!

We asked seven women who are jet-setting pros for their best pieces of advice on how to have the best travel experience:

1 Get a Good Night’s Sleep While Flying

‘I fly really often but still struggle to fall asleep on a plane. I got sick of my first day of holiday being a write-off because I needed to sleep all day. I got a prescription for sleeping pills from my doctor and take one as soon as I sit down for a long-haul flight. I wake up having had a full eight hours of sleep, and all I’ve missed out on was the bad in-flight entertainment and dry AF plane food.’ – Caelyn, 26

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2 Swap Your Towel For a Kikoi

‘Towels are bulky and take up way too much space in your suitcase. I only ever travel with a kikoi, which is a kind of woven cloth that you can buy anywhere in South Africa. Most people think these are just sarongs, which they are, but they’re also great for replacing your towel with. If I’m somewhere super-hot, I soak my kikoi in cold water and sleep under that; thank me later. Also, they take up a small space in your suitcase and don’t smell bad like damp towels tend to after a few days.’ – Anna, 27

3 Book Front-Row Seats if You’re Flying with Children

‘You will be able to relax more knowing that your child isn’t annoying the person in front of them by kicking their chair (because trust me, kids love to do that for some reason). Even if you’re not travelling with kids, you should just always book front-row seats IMHO. There is way more leg room and no awkward fumbling to get out of your chair.’ – Fran, 31

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4 Hydrate Yourself on the Plane

‘One of the main reasons you feel so gross after a flight is because you’re really dehydrated. I drink *so* much water while I’m in the air to combat this. Like, 1,5l at least. It means I’m constantly going to the toilet but the difference it makes is huge. I used to feel really groggy and my skin would freak out after a flight, but when I’ve had a ton of water this doesn’t happen. Also never, ever drink alcohol. I know it’s fun but it’s dehydrating and is guaranteed to make you feel worse when you land.’ —Valda, 29

5 Pack Really, Really Light

‘I always fly with as little luggage as possible. It means I don’t have to stress about how much shopping I can do on my trip because I know that it’ll definitely fit in my bag. I only ever take two pairs of shoes: one pair of trainers for walking and a comfortable pair of sandals so my feet can breathe too. Also, I limit myself to one pair of jeans and one pair of shorts, a few vests and T-shirts that I wear on rotation and one warm top. I came here to relax, not to post #OOTD photos every day.’ – Tammy, 29

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6 Get Travel Insurance

‘I never thought to buy travel insurance until a friend of mine broke her leg while in another country. A couple of years later and she is still in debt from it. Travel insurance is actually pretty cheap and it gives me peace of mind that if something happens to me I won’t go bankrupt from it. Don’t wait until something happens to you before you get a wake-up call – just do it!’ – Hannah, 25

7 Take Photos of Everything

‘After getting seriously lost in Amsterdam (we’re talking four hours of canals that all look the same), I started doing this. Take photos of your front door, milestones around your Airbnb/hotel to orientate yourself, car number plates etc. Anything that will help you should you get lost and your roaming data decides to stop working. It’s great for moments when you think, “I’m pretty sure it’s this road; it looks vaguely familiar…” ‘ – Chrissy, 30

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