6 Jobs You Can Do If You Want To Travel The World (Without Going Broke)

Turn that wanderlust into a source of income

A job that involves lots of travelling is pretty much the dream. But for those of us who don’t have the drive or time to climb the corporate ladder until we finally become a baller CEO and have access to a private jet what options are there? Here are 6 jobs you can do if you want to travel the world – that don’t necessarily require a degree or relevant experience and will either pay for you to travel or cover your living costs in a foreign country:

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1 Air Hostess

One of the most rewarding yet tiring jobs in the world of travel. You’ll spend most of your time travelling, all while looking glamorous and smiling at annoying strangers who can’t work the in-flight entertainment. If you’re lucky enough to nab a job as a flight attendant you will first go through some vigorous training, which can be as long as 8 weeks, before you start flying. The benefits range from airline to airline but in general they’re great. Your accommodation is sorted, you’re given a food allowance and hotel in every city you land in and most airlines are generous with leave (Emirates staff get 30 days a year). You need to be at least 21 to work as an air hostess and while airlines aren’t allowed to openly discriminate against applicants it’s rumoured that people over the age of 31 don’t get considered, so get in there early.

2 Working On A Cruise Ship

If you’ve always liked the idea of a life at sea then channel your inner Captain Hook (I know, but there aren’t any other characters who spend their lives on a boat, okay) and get into the yachting industry. Luxury yachts are like the hotels/malls of the sea and thus come with a huge array of job opportunities. You could be a deckhand (note: cleaning up the mess made by seasick passengers will be your problem so it’s not for the squeamish), a babysitter, an entertainer or even work in retail on-board. You will make really, really good money and get to travel the world (well, wherever your yacht is headed to any way). For job listings and more info on how to crack the world of cruise ships see here.

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3 Workaway

Workaway is an established and trusted website where people from all over the world can advertise live-in jobs that you can volunteer for. While you won’t be earning money through this experience you will have your food and accommodation sorted, sometimes more depending on what work you do. You could stay with a family in rural Ireland in exchange for some babysitting, or help out at a family-run preschool in Nepal, or assist a couple in building a sustainable vegetable garden in New Zealand. The positions offered are super broad and sure to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s just over R400 to register on their website, after which you’re able to apply for whatever job catches your eye.

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4 Live-In Au Pair

If you love kids and have a ton of patience this could be the job for you. Au pairing in South Africa usually involves taking the kids to soccer practice and maybe some help with homework. A live-in au pair in somewhere like London is a little different. Responsibilities vary but you could be expected to take kids on outings, cook for them and even join the family on their family holidays. Anyone who can afford to hire a live-in au pair is sure to be holidaying somewhere fancy AF, although you’ll probably spend most of the time making sure the children don’t fall in the pool.

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5 Summer Camp Worker

For those who don’t want to commit to a long-term job: look into seasonal work. Summer camps are the norm in places like USA and the UK where children are shipped off to be someone else’s problem for the summer, which lasts around 7 weeks. Younger age groups will usually be kept entertained by lots of outdoor activities, making this work ideal for sporty types. If you’re more of a city slicker try a town-based ‘camp’, like Embassy Summer, where you’re in charge taking of teenagers around the city. Food and accommodation is covered; all you have to worry about is keeping your sanity around hundreds of children hyped up on summer and hormones.

6 WWOOF-ing

Travelling is fun and exciting but if you’re one of those people who worries about the impact of it on our planet then look into WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). Sure, your flight to wherever you head to is bad for the environment but from then on it’s all organic, baby. The company is dedicated to making the world more sustainable and connecting like-minded people. Search by destination to find farm owners from all over who would love to have you help out on their land. Best of all WWOOF has a non-monetary exchange policy so it’s just your flight you’ll have to cover.

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