5 of the Best Spots for a Sexy Weekend Away in South Africa

Where to head if you want to do it under the stars, and more.

Exploring new places together is great. Sometimes all you actually want to do is lie in a beautiful bed all weekend with your bae, though. The next time there’s a long weekend, a special anniversary, or you just feel like getting it on in a new bed somewhere scenic, head to one of these local spots:

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Old Mac Daddy

The idea of going to a trailer park is cute in theory, but in practice you’re probably just going to be surrounded by families braai-ing and lots of young kids running around. And nothing kills the mood like the sound of young kids screaming. Luckily the Old Mac Daddy trailer park exists for you to live out your dream of staying in a (super-luxurious) caravan. Each caravan is decorated according to a unique theme by various artists. Your choices range from a trailer made to look like a cute cottage in the Karoo (‘For Better Or For Boerewors’) to a Mexican wrestling-themed caravan. The silk sheets of the Mills & Boon-themed van are sure to get your naughty weekend off to a quick start.

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Away with the Fairies

There’s something about being on holiday that suddenly makes bathing/showering outside acceptable, and Away With The Fairies in Hogsback is the perfect place to get your fix. Guests are free to chill in their famous bath that sits on a cliff overlooking the forest and the Hogsback mountains – very romantic. Splash out on a private cottage or save money and pay for a spot to set up your tent. Here you’ll be surrounded by beautiful greenery and have plenty opportunity for star-gazing. Are either of you The Lord of the Rings fans? You’ll be excited to know that JRR Tolkien spent time here as a child and it’s speculated that Middle Earth was inspired by the magical mountains and forests of Hogsback.

The Oyster Box Hotel

If you’re going away for a special occasion you’re going to need somewhere a bit fancier than a camping area to celebrate. Treat yourselves to a few nights at The Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga, one of the highest-rated local hotels on TripAdvisor. When you’re not lounging in your beautiful room, you can chill at their pool. The red-and-white decor complements the lighthouse that you have a perfect view of (and, of course, the sea). Their breakfast buffet is probably the best bit, and oysters are served all day long in case your weekend needed the boost of an aphrodisiac.

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Kagga Kamma

Have you always wanted to do it outside but been too scared of being arrested for public indecency? Here’s your chance to pull it off. The Open Air Suite at Kagga Kamma will have you quite literally sleeping under the stars. The scenery is truly breathtaking, but if you would rather have a roof over your head then stay in one of their Cave Suites. They are built into the rock formations of the surrounding mountains.

The Outpost Lodge

If you two are in the mood for a road trip, make a playlist, hop in the car and head to The Kruger National Park to stay in The Outpost Lodge. If driving through the park is not your thing, don’t worry – you can spot wild animals from the comfort of your big private balcony while sipping bubbly. Far more glamorous than using binoculars in a cramped and sweaty car, TBH. The spot is pretty isolated so feel free to be, um, ‘loud’. Also, the beautiful red glow from the sunsets here is the perfect lighting for photographs that will make all of your followers jealous.

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