5 Autumn Activities You Need To Do Before Winter Comes

Make the most of this underrated season.

It’s that time of year where everyone mourns the loss of summer and the arrival of winter, forgetting all about the most underrated season of all: autumn. It’s the time for that in between weather where you’re wearing your chic winter wardrobe but don’t yet have to ruin it with an umbrella and rain jacket. Where you can’t quite go to the beach anymore but the red and orange leaves are so Insta-worthy. Here are our top picks for autumn activities you need to get on before it’s too late:

Grab a romantic getaway



Being in an ‘off’ season isn’t all bad; there are sales to be had and specials to take advantage of. Any hotel or BnB worth its while will have off-season rates for their accommodation, sometimes saving you literally thousands of rands. After all, if you’re not using the pool and deckchairs you shouldn’t have to pay full price, right? You and your partner can really get your money’s worth by not leaving the room, and trying out some beats to bang to (wink, wink).

Who to go with

Bae, duh.

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Watch the future of South African comedy

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The more dreary the weather becomes the harder it is to tear yourself away from the couch and your fleece onesie. Autumn isn’t unbearably cold, but you still need something pretty convincing to get you to leave the house. Luckily, ’tis the season for the Savanna Comic’s Choice Awards and what could be more worthwhile than a night of guaranteed laughter. It’s an ongoing event but we’re most excited for the Newcomer’s Showcase, on the 20th of May at The Soweto Theatre. Comedians would have to have been in the game for at least a year so while they’re technically ‘newcomers’ this isn’t some cringy, amateur open-mic night. We’re rooting for the queen of Twitter, Lindy Johnson, known for her self-deprecating humour and amazing hair.

Who to go with

Take a first date for a test drive at a comedy show so that you can check that you have a similar sense of humour/nip it in the bud if they turn out to be one of those weird people who love heckling.

Visit the Winelands

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(Or any wine farm TBH). When you think of wine farms you think of sprawling green vineyards; but the reds and browns that autumn brings are equally if not more stunning (and will definitely complement your khaki parka jacket perfectly). Don’t limit your wine tasting time to the hotter months; get a trip in during this sweet spot after the scorching summer and just before the rainfall. It’s a bit crisper sitting outside but then again, that’s nothing a glass of wine won’t take the edge off.

Who to go with

Wine tasting can go either way. You can go classy and *actually* do a wine tasting (this involves spitting the wine out and not getting lit), in which case it’s a good opportunity to bond with yourself or with bae and his/her family. Or you can get your money’s worth, swallow every drop and spend the day getting wrecked with your girls on a lush farm. It’s up to you.

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Get stuck into soup

We know it’s hard to wave goodbye to sushi and sundowners but it’s not all bad; with autumn comes soup, and who doesn’t love soup*? In Cape Town you can’t beat Clarke’s tomato soup and toasted cheese combo, while Paul in Melrose Arch serve their soup of the day with freshly baked bread (and it’s French so you know it’s good) and how about the Thai Cafes all over the country which can always be relied on to serve a wonderfully spicy Tom Yum.

*white bread that’s been dipped in soup.

Who to go with

Your bae, as long as you’ve reached the stage of your relationship where you’re comfortable slurping in front of each other.

Get your nature on

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Autumn is often overlooked as the ideal month for doing nature activities. Summer leaves you bankrupt from all the SPF you have to buy. Spring? Hello, hayfever. And winter is out because we bought these Hunter boots to look cute in, not to *actually* walk through mud in. Autumn days are perfect for anything from a light stroll (mainly spent kicking the red and brown leaves around) to a hike, where you don’t get as red in the face because of the crisp air. The most beautiful nature spots in South Africa during autumn include the leafy Midlands in Kwa-Zulu Natal, the oak tree-laden roads of Stellenbosch and the Karoo for the purple and pink flowers that pop up.

Who to go with

Your BFFE, ‘cos she’s the only one you can trust to get your angles right for your #autumnvibes post.

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