This Transaction App Can Help Your Business (Or Potential Business) Save Money and Be More Efficient


Did you know there are an app and card machine combo, that wants to make all the transactions of small businesses cheap and easy?

iKhokha is a tech company that knows how difficult it is to survive as an entrepreneur in SA. From day one, their products get you up and running, no matter how big or small your business is.

No more awkward, ‘Sorry, we don’t take cards’ replies to new customers. They also reward you with low transaction fees, the more transactions you make. A no-brainer.

Award-Winning Tech

Starting a new venture can be a risky business. You need to be able to trust the tech you’re signing up for. If you’re counting every cent, don’t be charmed by promises that seem too good to be true by unvetted apps and tech. Trust what tech gurus trust. There’s something to be said about iKhokha’s already notable success. Their accolades include MTN App of the Year and the 2016 MasterCard Innovation Award.

How iKhokha Works

Once you have your iKhokha card machine, download and register the iKhokha app, and in minutes you’ll be able to use your smartphone to keep track of all your transactions. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. iKhokha’s card machines (plug in and freestanding options) allow potential customers to insert or swipe their cheque and/or credit cards. No bulky tills, cash registers or expensive bank consoles to worry about as startup costs.

Size Doesn’t Matter

The best thing about these card machines and app is that it doesn’t matter what size biz you have. You don’t need to prove you’re a #GirlBoss before getting the tools you need. The iKhokha app is free and their card machines come in a few pricing options. If you’ve got the cash up front, you can pay a one-off fee. If not, just opt for the weekly payments option. Transaction fees can be as little as 2,75%, excluding VAT, per swipe.

What’s better? These nifty machines also come in hot pink! Yasss!

BRB, just downloading this awesome service.

For more information, check out their social media platforms:

Facebook: @iKhokha

Twitter: @iKhokhaSA

Instagram: @iKhokhaSA

*This post was sponsored by iKhokha

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