The COSMO SA App is Here – and Here's Why You Need to Get it

For starters, it’s free!

Kweens! The COSMO SA app is here and believe us when we say that it is worth every inch of space on every fun, fearless female’s phone. Read on to see why you need this app in your life RN!

4 Reasons why you should download COSMO SA now:

It’s free

That’s right, fam! The app is absolutely mahala and available for download from the Play Store.


You don’t need data to browse the app

No data? No problem.😏 COSMO SA is free to use and browse on Vodacom, Telkom Mobile and Cell C. So, even when you have zero data, you’ll still be able to have access to all of its 🔥 content.

It’ll save you from those unwanted awkward AF moments

You know – those awkward elevator rides that never seem to end or those times where your friend sees someone they know and has a full-on conversation, leaving you standing there, like…


Stress no more, girl… COSMO SA’s got you.😉

It’s got everything you need to slay, in one place

With the app, you’ll be able to access all of COSMO’s online content wherever and whenever you want.

From the inside scoop on what’s going on with your fave celebs, the latest fashion and beauty trends and how to slay in your career, to the lowdown on all your sex-related questions – it’s got it all.


Download it, here!

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