Want to be a #GirlBoss? You Need This App NOW

You’ll want to download it RN

The Awethu Project app is here, and if you’re an aspiring #GirlBoss, then you’re gonna wanna listen up!

The Awethu Project App can be described as a ‘business coach in your pocket’ that aims to help South African entrepreneurs in emerging markets start or grow their businesses, make more money and ultimately enjoy economic freedom. Yas!??

The app helps by:

  • Training entrepreneurs in basic business concepts
  • Supporting entrepreneurs with business tools
  • Incentivising entrepreneurs to practice positive behaviours
  • Connecting entrepreneurs to like-minded entrepreneurs

With the app, users will be able to track their daily activities and track their progress against their goals. The app also features videos, aimed at offering guidance to entrepreneurs.

The app was developed by The Awethu Project – a South African social enterprise that supports the development of young entrepreneurs in South Africa. Their mission is to create a more fair world in which every young businessperson reach their full potential. Speaking on the success of the project, Awethu CEO, Yusuf Randera-Rees said:

‘Over the last four years, 100,000 people applied to our incubator. We only had the resources to incubate the top 2,100, and those entrepreneurs have created over 2,500 jobs. Now, it’s time to replicate this success on a much larger scale. The App has been built to support informal, micro entrepreneurs. There are 2,5-million of these entrepreneurs in South Africa, and they are the lifeblood of black entrepreneurship – but they are also the most neglected entrepreneurial demographic. The App condenses the best aspects of our incubation model and puts them into the hands of anyone who wants the opportunity to start or grow their own business.’

The Awethu Project app is currently only available on Android devices. Download the app, here RN.??

BRB… just downloading this awesome app.

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