The new Samsung Galaxy S20 series is a game-changer!

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Samsung Galaxy S20

With the lockdown in South Africa and some time on our hands, we immersed ourselves in the new Samsung Galaxy S20 to discover everything that makes it amazing. 

Did you know that we share around 100 million photos on Instagram each day? And experts say that in 2022 we’ll record four times more video on our phones. 

So it’s no surprise that one of the things we consider super-important when deciding on a new smartphone is the camera, which is exactly what we first got into when we got our hands on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. 

The clarity of the Galaxy S20 is incredible

The Galaxy S20’s camera offers super-high resolution (108MP for the Galaxy S20 Ultra; 64MP for the Galaxy S20 and S20+) to bring out the details of every picture you take with amazing clarity. And it has a huge 120Hz display, so you can fill up the entire 6.9inch screen, from corner to corner, with your gorgeous selfie!

What makes it extra special is that the Galaxy S20 Ultra combines nine pixels into one at the sensor level for higher quality images in low light, using cutting-edge binning technology.

Powered by AI, the Galaxy S20’s camera combines innovative software and industry-leading hardware, which changes the way you capture and experience your surroundings. We went from setting up and shooting flat lays to being food photographers in a second. Also, the cosmic colours of the phone make it the perfect (functional) accessory.

Galaxy S20’s Space Zoom technology

Even when you are far away, you can zoom in close. Use up to 30X zoom on the Galaxy S20 and 20+, or step-up to the S20 Ultra’s revolutionary folded lenses with 10x lossless zoom for 100x Space Zoom.

We love its advanced crop-zoom technology – we took hundreds of photos, cropping and zooming, thinking that we’d lose details or amazing image clarity, but that never happened – not once!

Sharp shooting, every time

Even when we experimented with filming an at-home workout and making TikToks (don’t judge our moves too harshly), the videos were blur-less and steady in various lighting conditions. Even the bumpiest videos look like they were shot using a gimbal, thanks to Galaxy S20’s Super Steady and its anti-rolling stabilisation. Basically, it combines AI motion analysis, intelligent movement prediction and pixels 2x larger than the previous S series. 

8K video recording is a game-changer 

Not only is the Galaxy S20’s Super Steady and blur-free tech our new favourite thing, but we just can’t get over the stunning detail when filming. And when you’re done shooting, stream your video to a Samsung QLED 8K TV for the best viewing experience, ever.

Did we mention that the 8K Video Snap is our secret weapon? It allows you to grab a still from the video and turn it into a high-res photo without worrying about graininess or blurriness. Quite a great feature when you’re shooting YouTube and IGTV content!

Get ready to fall in love with the Single-Take feature 

Ever experienced that moment when you couldn’t decide whether you should take a photo or a video? Happens to us more than we care to admit, but now we don’t have to make that choice.

The Galaxy S20 takes options simultaneously – with one snap we got up to 14 different content pieces (stills and video), such as live-focus, cropped, ultra-wide, etc. And the phone’s AI technology recommends the best shots! 

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This post was created in partnership with Samsung South Africa.

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