Instastory's New Feature Allows You to Make Your Life Seem Even More Like a Movie

The option to play Cardi B in the background of your Instastory is finally here

Making your life seem way cooler online than it is IRL just got a whole lot easier. Instagram’s latest update means you can add music to your stories, so it’s likely that one of these days you’ll be able to gain an Oscar For Best Editing of an Instastory or something of the sort.

The next time you make a story, click the smiley face at the top right-hand corner (you know, where you access the GIFs, location and the option to add millions of dumb hat stickers to your story). Ignore the hats and click on the new option: music. Now choose which song is going to enhance your story the best. The downside is that the music selection is fairly limited for now, but it is growing by the day and they’ve got Despacito, so what more do you really need? The music is also organised by moods and genres so you don’t have to over-work your imagination ever. You can then choose which section of the song you would like to play and how you would like the music player to look. It’s all customisable; you’re basically Steven Spielberg now.

Instastory's New Feature Allows You to Make Your Life Seem Even More Like a Movie


Why is this exciting exactly? Well, adding music to literally any video makes the video 100 times better. Seriously, try it. A classic panning shot of your Sunday roast spread goes from basic to banging once you’ve added Bruno Mars’s Finesse to it. A video of the sunset was boring enough to swipe past before you put it to the tune of Bodak Yellow. And any video can be made hilarious by adding Let It Go by Frozen because why not.

Also, you know when you’re watching your friends’ stories from their night out and had FOMO until you turned the sound of the video on and got tinnitus? Now instead of trusting your phone’s crappy microphone to record the moment when Nice For What came on in the club, just hit mute and dub it with the real deal.

Instagram has really been upping their game lately with the launch of IGTV and the mentions feature. We can’t imagine what they could introduce next but until then we’ll be putting music over everything, from car rides to a trip to hanging with the squad, to make it seem like we’re in the montage bit of a movie – cause really, our lives are movies!
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