Instagram's New Feature Is Going to Take Your Instastory Skills to the Next Level

How to use the new ‘mention’ feature in your Stories

Since the arrival of the Instastory, life has been good – and not just because it meant we could finally uninstall Snapchat and thus clear up room on our phones for more meaningful stuff (i.e. selfies with the heart-eyes filter on).

It’s the perfect place for sharing photos that are good but not, like, good enough to warrant a whole post. Stories are also ideal for humble-bragging about everything from your view to the fact that you dragged your ass to the gym this morning and, most importantly, for posting way-too-loud videos of you and your friends dancing in the club that no-one enjoys viewing but make people think that you have a fun life. And the new ‘mention’ feature is making sharing Instastories easier and more personal.

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Now you’re able to share your friends’ stories. You might not think this is a big deal, but you’d be wrong. Think about all the times you missed out on posting a Story because your battery was dead. Or someone else blocked the view you were trying to capture. Or you were trying to be present and live in the moment by staying off your phone but now you’re watching all your friends’ stories and you have FOMO and wish you hadn’t been so Zen earlier, or you missed the crucial moment your friend popped the bottle of Champagne ‘cos your front camera was on and you spent too long switching it/having a mini-existential crisis about how much your front camera makes you look like a thumb to get a video.

New instagram mention story feature


The only catch is your friend has to actually mention you in their story to give you this privilege. Once they do, you’ll get a notification in your Direct Messages telling you that you’ve been mentioned. Open their Story and select the option that lets you add it to your own Story. You’ll be able to add your own touch to the Story with some stickers and writing, or by zooming into what’s really important here: your face. Once posted to your Story, viewers will be able to see your friend’s name too, so no-one will be able to accuse you of stealing their golden content. Also, you can only share the Story of someone with a public account, so if any of your friends are still on that whole ‘privacy’ thing tell them to get with it and just embrace the Black Mirror episode we’re all living in.

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So the next time you’re out and living your best life, don’t let the stress of not capturing it on camera get you down. As long as your friends are real ones who know to tag you in their Stories, you’ll get all the footage you need to give your crush a reason to slide into your DMs.

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