5 Reasons Why the Huawei P30 Series is *Totally* Worth the Hype

We neeeeed it, like, RN.

Less than a year ago, all everyone was talking about was the Huawei P20 Pro. The fairly unknown mobile tech brand suddenly became a big contender as the smartphone of choice – especially because of Huawei’s partnership with Leica, the coveted German camera brand. When we heard Huawei was releasing the P30 Pro, we weren’t sure how it could beat its predecessor, but it has exceeded all our expectations!

Here are our top five reasons why you’ll want to get your hands on the P30 or P30 Pro:

1. The New Leica Quad Camera

We spend most of our time on our phones. Even social-media influencers are shooting content with their smartphones. The Leica Quad Camera system is equipped with the Huawei SuperSpectrum Sensor, an ultra-wide angle camera, an 8-MP camera and a 32-MP front camera for selfies – wow!

2. The Low-Light Capabilities

Having the best smartphone camera means very little if it can’t capture photos and videos in a variety of lighting conditions. Huawei developers made this a priority with the P30 series. You can get the perfect shot with the phone’s new specs that allow it to take high-quality pics in extremely low light.

3. The Cinematic Videography

Vloggers, this one is for you! The P30 is unrivaled when it comes to quality, clarity, definition and colour. You can also complete your vids with background music and special effects using its superior video editor.

4. The Stunning Design

Inspired by nature, Huawei has produced smartphones that are both affordable and chic. Created with a nine-layer nano optical-colour finish, the unique colour palette is just gorgeous. Options include Breathing Crystal (an iridescent indigo-purple), Amber Sunrise (a deep orange), Aurora (a deep blue), Pearl, White and Black.

5. The Wireless Reverse Charging

Get your friends and family to buy a P30 smartphone. Why? Because if your battery is running low, you can charge your phone wirelessly by connecting to another P30! This is so futuristic! It’s super-easy, really efficient and stops you having to walk around with a cable. Win!

To find out more about the P30 and P30 Pro’s features, visit Huawei.com/za or connect via social media:

Facebook: @HuaweimobileZA

Twitter: @HuaweiZA

Instagram: @huaweiza

*This post was sponsored by Huawei

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