Hold the 2000s Phone - The Motorola Razr Is Making a Comeback

Oh, we sure do miss snapping that baby shut after a heated call.

Remember how satisfying putting down the phone USED to be. Like, back in the day, when you could yell “don’t ever call me again” into the phone and instead of just furiously jabbing at a little red phone icon with your pathetic finger, you could snap the whole damn thing closed in the ear of your enemy. Good times, good times. Well, those times are about to make a comeback, because Motorola are reportedly bringing back their iconic Razr.

The Motorola Razr is about to make a comeback


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The good news is that this old dinosaur (lol) is getting a few necessary updates to bring it into the future (which is now, we are living in the future). It’s going to have a touch screen, just like your iPhone, so we won’t be thrown back to the dark days of having to spend 20minutes typing a text using the old “type 888 to get a V” method. But anyway, that would be a small price to pay for the satisfaction of snapping that baby shut after a heated (or even exciting) phone call!


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There aren’t too many details available, so we’re not sure yet when the device is going to be available in SA. All we know so far is that the device is ~apparently~ set to hit the market as early as next month, so you better start saving if you want to be able to drop an estimated R20 700 on your new Motorola Razr.

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