11 Really Hilarious Women You Need to Follow on Twitter RN

Ladies who will make your timeline a whole lot funnier.

If you don’t think that Twitter is the best and most entertaining social media platform out there, then you’re wrong. Or you’re just following the wrong people. Or you’re more of an Instagram person (whatever, that’s fine too). We’ve rounded up some of the funniest people to follow if you want to be cackling while you scroll your life away. And they’re all women. Yay!


Lindy Johnson is a breath of fresh air on the South African comedy scene. If you don’t live in Cape Town, where she regularly performs, don’t stress – reading her tweets is a pretty good replacement for going to an actual comedy show.

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Did you ever wonder what happened to the cute kid actress who played Matilda in the Matilda movie? Well, she grew up to become really good at tweeting.


Another comedienne you might recognise from Master Of None or as the voice of Hollyhock in BoJack Horseman (that’s that series about a cartoon horse that everyone keeps going on about on Twitter, BTW) is the super-funny Aparna Nancherla.


Tamara is a contributor to Buzzfeed and a singer, and also has one of the best Twitter accounts out there.


When she’s not writing advice columns for Dazed or finishing up her debut book How To Come Alive AgainBeth McColl is extremely busy lighting up your timeline. She is particularly skilled at taking down Piers Morgan and educating the world on what it’s like to live with mental illness while making us laugh too. Nice.

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For extremely relatable tweets from a girl with a perfect fringe, follow Candace Campbell.


Here to destroy the stereotype that vegans are unfunny and annoying is The Vegan Queen. Follow her to inspire you to try swapping the dairy for almond milk or just to, you know, have a laugh.


Duh. If you’re on Twitter and not following Chrissy Teigen, what are you even doing with your life? Her tweets about John Legend are the only relationship goals worth having and her ability to make fun of herself is inspiring.

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People who say “knock knock” at your desk that has no door, are the same who use Bluetooth headsets when their hands are free

Niki’s tweets are some of the most underrated works of art on the Internet. Two Cape Town illustrators agreed, and went so far as to make an entire Tumblr dedicated to illustrating some of her best ones.


Well, we can only assume this excellent account that parodies the sexist world we live in is run by a woman. Follow to see how absolutely ridiculous headlines would sound if you replaced the word ‘woman’ with ‘man’.


When she’s not wasting hours of her life writing tweets in an attempt to make strangers on the Internet laugh, Andie can be found writing articles about funny women on Twitter where she shamelessly promotes her own Twitter account.

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