Here's How Much We Can Expect to Pay for the iPhone X

And what else we know about it.📱

According to calculations by Fin24, the new-era iPhone X could cost about R18 000 when it launches in South Africa.😵😭

Earlier this week, Apple unveiled three new phones: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone.

Apple announced the phone will retail for $999 (R13 200) in the US but it is still not clear what the device will go for in South Africa.

When the iPhone was launched a year ago, it retailed for $649 (just over R9 000 at the time) but when it arrived in SA (in October last year), it was on sale for R12 999 – 44% more than the expected price.

If we apply the same calculation to the iPhone X, then we’re looking at an estimated price of R18 361 – which may obviously be affected by things like exchange rates or shipping costs.

Here’s what we know about the iPhone X:

1 The iPhone X (the ‘iPhone 10’) will feature a Super Retina Display on an almost borderless screen.

2 It will have animated emojis.

3 The phone will no longer have a home button on the device.

4 It will use facial recognition to unlock the phone.

5 Apple said the phone will be available for pre-order in more than ’55 countries and territories’ and in store from 3 November. It did not, however, name the countries.

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