Facebook Is Uh, Now Asking Users to Upload Their Nudes

No idea how this can go wrong.

Nudes: If you’re going to send them, the general rule of thumb is to only do so to willing and wanting parties. And now, none other than social media giant Facebook is, uh, interested in them — but for a supposedly good reason.

Facebook is reportedly testing a feature that allows users to upload their nudes and other saucy pictures (my phrasing) onto the website, so that other people are then blocked from posting those photos. That’s right: this is a tactic the company’s exploring for preemptively blocking ‘revenge porn,’ which is when someone (usually a scorned dirtbag) uploads someone else’s intimate images as a form of twisted revenge.

According to Newsweek, Facebook hosts a sizable amount of revenge porn: leaked documents put the figure at around 54,000 cases. That said, if you’re feeling skeptical about this initiative, you’re definitely not the only one. But since this feature is only being trialled in Australia for the moment, other users most likely won’t have to think on the ethical and personal ramifications of preemptive nude protection for a while.

This post was originally seen on cosmopolitan.com.

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