Watch: SA’s First Live ASMR Event is Here to Soothe You into the Weekend

*bottle cap opens* Ahhh…


South Africa prides itself on being on the cutting edge of the best in technology. And Flying Fish fed right into that with the first live ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) event – featuring a performance by singing and songwriting sensation Rowlene Bossman.

The twist of a bottle cap. The clink of ice in a frosty glass. The long, slow, audible gulp of a refreshing Flying Fish. These are a few examples of the flavoursome sounds which typically provoke a tingling sensation down the back of the neck and which have turned ASMR into a global phenomenon of sensory experiences to soothe the modern soul.

International audiences have embraced this love affair with sound, as evidenced by the countless ASMR YouTube videos, which are used to relieve stress and promote a certain joie de vivre.

About the event, Flying Fish Marketing Manager, Coleen Duvenage said, ‘Flying Fish has built its brand on flavourful experiences and this is no different. We have tapped into the overwhelming international popularity of ASMR to encourage South Africans to explore the crisp refreshment and fresh flavour of Flying Fish with all of their senses.’

Attendees at the event included Moonchild Sannelly and Spaga.


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