6 Social-Media Fails We Can All Relate to

*Throws phone into the sea*

The pros of social media are that you get to be connected to millions of people all day, every day. The cons? You get the opportunity to embarrass yourself in front of these millions of people, too (all day, every day). We’ve all accidentally liked a picture from 2015 while deep into his Instagram, but what other social-media fails are there for us to pull? The possibilities for humiliation are endless (yay) and here are a few of the most cringe-worthy:

Typing your crush’s name into the status box instead of search box and then making their name your status. Why are those things so close together, Mark Zuckerberg?


Sending a screenshot to the wrong person It’s probably a fair punishment for being a mean person who screenshots conversations to make fun of them with our best friends, TBH. Trying to explain to someone why you sent them a copy of what they said to you is pretty impossible. Just ‘fess up and let them block you out of their life.

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Mistaking their Instagram for the Explore page Have you ever been scrolling down what you thought was the Instagram Explore section, happily throwing hearts around onto photos, only to realise that you’re just on someone’s actual profile liking everything they’ve ever posted? And that last post you liked was from 32 weeks ago? Fine if it’s some Instagram celebrity, not so fine if it’s your ex’s new girl (who is *always* appearing on your Explore page. Go away!).


Facebook memories, full stop. The Facebook function that gives you a reminder every day of just how much you used to love your long side fringe and emo music 10 years ago. How fun! Usually you can feel safe in the knowledge that no-one else is getting a notification for the photos from your most embarrassing phase, until one friend decides to comment on it and bring it to the attention of everyone’s Timeline. Not cool, Philippa.

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Moms We love them but no matter how much they consider themselves a ‘cool mom’ they are embarrassing on social media, and it’s totally ruining your rep. Whether it’s posting awkward old photos of you for everyone to see (cute baby pics are fine, but let’s keep the awkward teen photos away from the eyes of the public please), or just commenting on everything you do (‘I hope that’s fruit juice in that wine glass! LOL, Mom X’). Worse yet is when her friends find you and feel it appropriate to comment on your activity: “Looking great, Andrea. Enjoy being young!! Tried to call your mom y-day… No answer… Please Send my love, from Myrtle XOXO.’


Not cropping out embarrassing details in photos Posting a screenshot to share a funny conversation with your followers only to discover (too late) that you forgot to close your porn tabs and now everyone knows you’re a freak. This also applies to photos you didn’t examine closely enough and only realised after posting them that your dildo is visible on the bedside table in the corner of your cute selfie (based on a true story).

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