6 Easy Ways To Join The Sustainable Fashion Movement in 2019

Reduce your carbon footprint without compromising your style.

With every new year comes the chance to make a positive change in your life. This 2019, one of my personal goals is to start shopping more consciously, to promote a more sustainable approach to fashion.

While I love fast fashion, the mass clothing industry comes with some serious negative environmental impact. Did you know that the fashion industry is considered to be the second most polluting industry after the oil industry? I didn’t and was pretty shocked at this alarming stat.


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Before you panic and feel your palms getting sweaty, the term ‘sustainable fashion’ doesn’t mean a new you with dreads and adorned in a loose-fitting 100% hemp shirt.

Sustainable fashion is something we are hearing more and more about, and as a reaction to the ‘fast fashion’ craze (that contributes to the above alarming stat) the world is slowly starting to realise that we need to adopt a more ‘conscious’ approach to fashion.

In the spirit of being as stylish as ever, while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint, I’ve put together some super easy ways to become a more conscious consumer in the name of the environment.

6 Easy Way to Join the Sustainable Fashion Movement This 2019

1 Shop Less

You heard us! According to biosphere journalist Stephen Leahy, it takes 7,600 litres of water to make your favourite pair of jeans. How mad is that?! Especially considering a large portion of South Africa is experiencing the worst drought in decades. So next time you’re going past the ‘buy 2, get 1 free’ section, think twice. Start developing a more strategic approach to shopping. For instance, make a list of the key items you need to buy per season, edit it to reflect only the really necessary items (i.e. kick flares in snake print) and then shop with this in mind to avoid impulse buys.


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2 Invest in Quality

Make ‘quality over quantity’ your new tagline. Next time you’re shopping, think about buying those super well-made investment pieces that will last a lifetime, as opposed to a selection of badly made items you’ll need to throw out next year. You’ll be spending a little more on quality items but the chances are this will result to naturally achieving point 1. and you’ll be shopping less.


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3 Rework Old Garments

Breathe new life into old pieces by revamping them and giving them a second life. Think about embellishing your biker jacket, adding patchwork to your denims or getting major creative and using two old items to make one new, cooler item. Exhibit A: These weirdly awesome and currently trending mismatched jeans by fashion brand Ksenia Schnaider. Two old pairs of differently styled jeans and some stitching and voila! Or take your old items to newly launched brand UnRavel, who are based in Cape Town, and who will revamp your old garments for you.

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4 For The Love of Vintage

Go thrift store shopping in the name of the environment (and your wardrobe). By vintage shopping, you’re upcycling a previously owned garment and therefore adding a new cycle to its lifespan, as opposed to buying something brand new. Plus, you are bound to find insane treasures from yesteryear which will: A. Improve your personal style and B. Have you wearing retro which is in again, anyways (hello, ’80s and ’90s-mania).


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5 Support Local

This is one of the most important steps to becoming a more sustainable shopper! Supporting smaller local brands and designers will have you embracing the ‘slow fashion’ movement (less mass production involved = less environmental consequences) but you’ll also be supporting South African brands with the purpose of growing our economy and giving individuals more opportunity. Bonus: You’ll also be wearing one-of-a-kind garments with less chance of that (sometimes) inevitable and non-voluntary twinning-with-a-stranger moment.

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6 Support Brands That Are Eco-Conscious

Due to the devastating effects of the clothing industry on the environment, more and more brands are coming out with sustainably made collections. Take H&M for example, who release their Conscious Exclusive collection, made from organic and recycled materials, once a year. Their garment collecting initiative also makes it possible for the customers to give their garments a new life by dropping off your old clothing at your nearest H&M store (just ask for the garment-collecting box, often located next to the cash desks) and in return getting rewarded with a voucher.


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Do yo’ part for the environment this 2019😎

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