Here’s how to dress from the waist up for your Zoom meetings

Pants are optional.


Let me set the scene: You’ve woken up, rolled out of bed, made your Dalgona ice coffee and are just getting deep into your emails when your heart stops for a moment. Sh*t, your colleague is messaging you ‘um, are you not joining us for the 9 ‘o clock?’ (the annoyance is nearly tangible). Of course, you respond with a ‘yes, be there in a sec!’ (just to clarify it’s ten past and you’re LATE).

Then, you realise that you’re still in your PJs and in an attempt to get the eff on that Zoom call, you throw on a checked blazer (the closest thing you see) over the sweater that you may or may not have worn a. the whole of yesterday and b. slept in. ‘Sorry guys, my connectivity is terrible RN’, you tell your colleagues.


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Wow, Susan, you look very fancy’, says your colleague in a potentially passive-aggressive manner as she looks down at her bland jersey. But, inside you’re laughing, ‘Ha! Fooled you…’.

As many of us slowly ease into that WFH life, we’re also mastering that Zoom life in the process.

Those meetings about meetings? They still exist — just now, on Zoom. And, truth be told, you can’t always join them with a ‘no camera’ situash because that would be weird. Which presents us with another challenge — how to look seemingly polished for the camera when you’re living in sweats 24-7.


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But, with Zoom meetings on the reg, we need to find clever and efficient ways to look good, from the waist up.

Here are my tricks for nailing ‘dressing from the waist up’:

1 Dig into your jewellery box

Yes, that old friend. Although this may have been long discarded, the quick throw-on of a pair of hoops and/or chain necklace will instantly give you a put-together appearance.


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2 Blazers are your best friend

Head-to-toe sweats? No problem. Throw on a blazer over your sweats and smoothen your sweatshirt so it doesn’t look bulky under your snazzy blazer. The result? An overall refined effect.


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3 A splash of colour

There’s nothing more refreshing than seeing a pop of colour amongst a sea of faces on that Zoom call. It also appears to add a ‘I gave a damn this morning’ vibe.


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4 Interesting necklines are a must

Or tailored ones, like the neckline of a shirt. Whether it’s razor-sharp, scalloped or ruffled, it’s all happening up top, guys. (You can literally wear leggings and slippers, with socks, for all we care, waist-down).


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5 Invest in a luxe-AF sleepwear set

Now, this is reeally genius because it involves rolling out of bed and rolling onto Zoom — no changing needed. In recent days, pyjamas are looking real good — and by this I mean, local brands like Top Drawer and Adore Couture are making such exquisite sleepwear sets that they can literally pass as daywear. Wear a luxe PJ set on Zoom and make as if you’re sporting the sleepwear trend.

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6 A headband works wonders

Headbands are imperative when it comes to tricking your colleagues into thinking that you’re wearing pants. Pop one of these on your head and it will conceal a bed-hair situation and will give you polished status (hence, them thinking you’re wearing pants).


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7 Lipstick will revive

And of course, don’t forget the powerful weapon that is your lipstick. A slick of lippie and you’re ALIVE and PRESENT.


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