7 ways to support small local fashion brands right now

And no, you won’t need to leave the house.

Dear fashion fam – during this unprecedented time, it is important to remember that we are *all in this together* and that we need to shift our energy and focus towards unity, encouragement, and support of one another.

We all need to think about our fellow South Africans and support the small, local businesses that will suffer immensely from this unforeseen chaos. These small trades form a very big part of our community. These people and businesses are our friends, families and partners’ hard work and source of income and, right now, they need our spend and support more than ever.

In light of this, I have rounded up seven easy ways in which we can support local fashion brands during the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s help them to keep their heads above water. And guess what – you won’t need to leave the house.

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Here are seven ways to support small, local fashion brands right now:

1 Shop online

Many smaller fashion brands rely heavily on selling at local markets or from physical stores. During this tough time, these businesses will struggle to make ends meet. If and where possible, try and support them by purchasing from them online. This will be one of the main contributors to getting them through. They will be able to deliver post-lockdown.

2 Purchase a gift card for a friend

This is such a cool and thoughtful gift idea and a great way to inject some cash into a small business. We all have a birthday coming up, and then there’s Father’s Day and Mother’s Day too. Purchase a gift card for that special someone to shop at a later stage.

3 Comment, share and tag

Give a shout-out to those local start-ups and small businesses who are doing the most right now! Interact with their social media pages – like and leave a comment on a post, tag a friend, and show a bit of ‘we’ve got your back’ love.

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This week we want to open up the conversations. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ While we believe it's important to know the facts and be realistic, we would also like to do our best to cultivate a sense of community and to provide a space that is one of positivity and action. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Comment below to tell us how your small brand or business – or you personally – are helping to spread awareness (not fear) about Covid19 in a proactive way to help flatten the curve. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ We want to hear from you! Are you working from home? What hygiene methods have you set in place? What kindness are you showing to those around you? ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ #letssupporteachother⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Graphic via the talented @jasminedowling

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4 Write a Google review

It takes just two minutes to leave a few positive words on a Google review and, believe me, this can make a big difference to their local SEO ranking and business in general.

5 Send a caring message

Remember that the human beings behind those local brands are suffering too. It’s easy to forget that they are working harder than ever to keep afloat. A kind message of support or a simple ‘thank you’ will make their day and encourage them to keep going.

6 Be patient

There is a high chance that during this time, small businesses will be at reduced capacity. You may experience delays in delivery and response, however, it is important to note they are feeling it too and are most likely working even harder to stay open and on top of things.

7 Reach out

ATT all business owners: reach out to your fellow entrepreneurs and small-biz owners (they are struggling too). Share your thoughts, tips and knowledge, because this is the time that they will NEED it the most.


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Mix it up by wearing a simple tee or polo neck knit underneath your linen jumpsuit. Pair it with some comfy sneakers (or your slippers) for a perfect work-from-home ‘fit.


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A little something special to remind you that even in the dark times, the stars and moon prove that there is light that still shines.


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Keep the precious jewellery that you might not be wearing around the house, safe, in one of these soft, locally made linen pouches.



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Now is the time to let your sleepwear have its moment! Purchase a pair that will have you motivated to get your ‘home’ work done, *and* Netflix or TikTok in style.


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Another comfy and stylish set that is suitable for both inside and outside your home zone.


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If you’re taking Zoom or Skype conference calls, you still gotta look profesh on top, right? Bonus: no one will suspect that you’re not wearing pants🤓.


Ziggy one-piece swimsuit

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Got a garden or a pool? Don’t forget to catch a few rays and keep the Vit D dosage up (in one of these). Bonus: It’s made from 100% nylon waste rescued from oceans and landfills.


Sexy socks

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I don’t know about you, but when I’m at home – socks are my shoes. And if they’re pink, covered in coffee cups and croissants? I’m sold. *Gift vouchers available to purchase online too.


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