These are 2020’s ugliest shoes, from okayish to HELL NO

Pretty damn ugly.

Whether you’re a fashion liberalist, a hype bae or just a simple gal trying to wrap your head around the fashion world’s absurdities, ‘ugly shoes’ is the trend that’s busy taking over the fashion industry. It is close to impossible to miss this footwear revolt seeing as everyone (and their aunt) is rocking this trend left, right and centre on the ‘Gram. Grabbing yourself a coffee? Bam. *Enter in: someone donning dad sneakers*

IG: @aude_julie

In light of this head-scratching trend, we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to round up the shoes that fall under this extravagant fashion category, and rate them from ‘not too bad’ to ‘ I can never unsee that’. Although we aren’t really cutting this trend any slack, we hate to admit it, but some of these, errr, funky shoes do tickle our footwear fantasies. Don’t hate us.

Take a look at what we rated the ugliest of the ugly come 2020 footwear, and feel free to formulate and create your own opinions. Who knows, some of these shoes might have your name written all over them in Bold and Italics, and others might have you feeling a little queasy.

The ugliest shoes in 2020, from okayish to HELL NO

Level: We aren’t too mad

Trend: Chunky Chelsea Boots

We have all seen the Dr. Martens trend that took over the whole of 2019 (even in summer?). Well, this year the boot trend has undergone a little face lift with an added platform feature.

IG: @wethepeoplestyle

Level: Okayish

Trend: Loafers

It is understandable that these shoes are in fashion, comfort is key. But, I can’t help to think of my grandma ever time I see someone else sporting a pair of these. Ugly IG: @cocobeautea

Level: Meh

Trend: Dad sneakers

This is a colossal trend, with brands such as New Balance, Reebok and Nike fulfilling all the needs of those trying to get the vintage / ‘I-raided-your-grandads-closet’ lewk. We give this trend a shoulder raise because we do have a pair (or three) of these in our footwear closets. Dads everywhere are rejoicing as we speak.

IG: @aude_julie

Level: Questionable

Trend: Orthopaedic Sandals

The comfort element goes hand-in-hand with the category of ‘ugly’ shoes. But comfort isn’t always cute. Sometimes. it is painful to be beautiful. These sandals are giving us nerdy tourist vibes, and we have questions.

IG: @tokemakinwa

Level: Eish

Trend: Hiking Shoes

If you see someone on the streets rocking a pair of hiking boots, do not be alarmed, they are not lost, they are simply indulging in the ugly-shoe trend. Come to think of it, they *do* prepare you for any sort of situation and terrain (except: the runway). IG: @danie.sierra

Level: Thank you, next

Trend: Big, Chunky Sneakers

We all know the trend that is Filas’ infamous ‘Disruptor’ platform sneakers. Every single girl you walk past in the mall has a pair, that’s just the way it is. Other brands have created similar sneakers, and we’re thinking that maybe they should, NOT.

IG: @simply.cie

Level: ……..

Trend: Crocs

Some would say *in a Simon Cowell voice*, ‘that’s a no from me’. Although, our editors made a pretty good case when they rocked Crocs at Coachella. We salute.

IG: @aminatabelli

Will you be copping any of these shoes in future? Listen, it’s 2020 — you do you boo! If any of these shoes tickle your fancy, we won’t judge! Everyone has their unique style, and that is what makes fashion so special. It’s not necessarily the clothes, but more the person wearing the clothes (or shall we say, the SHOES).

From dad sneakers to Chelsea boots, shop your pair of ugly shoes now:


Chelsea Boots


Let your boots do the talking and keep your look polished up-top.




No time to loaf around when you are ready to strut the streets in these shoes.


Dad Sneakers

R899Madden Girl at Foschini

Thank your old man for the trend that keeps it comfy in these chic sneaks.



R1399Birkenstock at Superbalist

Take it easy and breezy by sporting a pair of Birks.


Hiker Boots


Any occasion, any terrain, these hiker shoes have got yo’ back.


Chunky Sneakers


These sneakers have body and volume.  Some would say ‘she thicc’.




Rock your best Crocs life in a pair of bright pink originals.


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