This Is What Bonang, Kylie Jenner & Khloe Kardashian's Walk-in Closets Look Like

The best glam rooms in the world

Imagine a whole room dedicated to your clothes, primping and anything and everything beauty-related, a space for these life-changing babies to sleep at night. A workshop for beauty transformation, and a space to fit everyone who helps you get there. Glam rooms have become a celebrity trend and they are so overly indulgent and fabulous.

Here are a few celebrities’ glam rooms TDF:

1 Bonang Matheba

South African TV personality Bonang Matheba’s elegant glam room, is chic, and calming all at the same time. With a coat rail, as well as wall shelves used to display her designer handbags and envy-worthy shoes. She recently showcased her new home on Top Billing and we want to move in with her. Bonang recently posted her very organised, girly glam room on Instagram, captioning the post “….work in progress. Almost there.. 😌💖😍#MyHome #GlamRoom”. Bonang – we think you’re already there girl! It’s gorgeous.


2 DJ Zinhle Jiyane

South Africa’s most loved female DJ’s recently renovated glam room is so romantic and feminine. She recently had the room renovated and we had the opportunity to check it out when we had an Insta-Live Video Call with her where she showcased her glam room, fitted with a drawer of neatly organised sunnies, a pink ottoman in the middle of the room, and our fave part of the room, her pink roses design on the one side of her walls, (P.S. She loves roses 😉) Casper Nyovest seems to agree, tweeting her back saying ‘Zinhle your house is f***ing amazing. Like seriously!!! I can’t anymore with you friend.’

3 Kylie Jenner

We expect no less from the Kardashian/Jenner Klan than absolute over the top, fabulous, goals glam rooms. Kylie recently posted a photograph of her estimated $1 Million handbag collection. We love the use of mirrors, down lighting and metallic roof in her handbag wing. We wouldn’t really mind being one of Kylie’s handbag’s either. We just want to know one thing Kylie… how on earth do you choose?

In the second image, Beau Dunn, artist, is pictured with her work featured in Kylie’s glam room. The lightbulb’s framing the mirror allowing for perfect lighting to ensure she is always paparazzi ready. The third image has a slightly warmer feel with romantic crystal chandeliers, a gold roof, a cow skin rug and a fluffy ottoman.

4 Khloe Kardashian

Kween Koko is serious about organisation. Her glam room is serious goals. Not short of anything, she even has a 14 square metre section of her closet dedicated to fitness gear. And don’t think we didn’t notice chandelier hanging over her designer bags display. oh, and did we mention the dressing table with light bulbs all around… Well at least now we know why she’s always runway ready!


5 Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s glam room is super clean and fresh. We love the colour coordination of her shoes against the white and neutral interiors of her closet! Her glam room was apparently upgraded by the @neatmethod. The room is very serene with a lot of natural light and crisp white flowers in each corner to add to the freshness.

6 Olivia Culpo

We love model and actress, Olivia Culpo’s, Lisa Adams designer wardrobe. Olivia couldn’t have said it better herself when describing Lisa’s work as ‘clean and glamorous’. The white walls, white shelves and use of mirror help the room to look super neat and clean.  The white flowers dotted around the closet as well as the fluffy carpet and ottoman make the room look really classy. Olivia certainly seems to like black, white, and red!

7 Christina Aguilera

How over-the-top and fabulous is Christina’s wardrobe? Giving a very Moulin Rouge feel – we love it. Pink shelves, leopard print carpets, velvet drapes with a pink crystal chandelier. No saving the drama here. Christina Aguilera’s glam room is on the busy side, we nearly missed her tiny son standing next to her.

8 Mariah Carey

Mariah has always been one for extravagant glamour and her wardrobe proves just that. With rows and rows of clothes, Mariah’s glam room is an off-white colour, she is certainly not short of lighting with a number of white crystal hanging lights. In the second image, her gowns are all on display in colour coordination.

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