This Is the Reason Why Zara and Other Brands Are Changing Their Logos

Fans are shooketh😵

Last week it was revealed that Zara has changed its logo and, wow, there were loads of mixed reviews blasting social media. Fash fans were shooketh and had questions: why, what, how, when?


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Animal print is renewed with colorful graphic combinations. 2018/608 #zaranewin

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It’s a known fact: people don’t (initially) like change. In this case, the general consensus was Zara’s logo change – a somewhat simple and ‘edgy’ design, and a ‘squished’ font – wasn’t a good change. Scroll down to read some of the hilarious reactions after the Internet blew up.

Some Reactions to Zara’s New Logo:

COSMO Posted a Twitter Poll to Find Out What Our Readers Had to Say:

Thirty percent of people voted in favour of the new logo, and a whopping 70% gave it a ‘nay’.

So, We Did a Little Snooping to Find out What the Reason Behind This Seemingly Sudden Change Was:

The below copy was featured in Zara’s employee app. It states that in 44 years, Zara has only changed their logo twice before, the last logo change having taken place in 2010.

It’s also interesting to see the comparison between Zara’s new logo and Harper’s Bazaar logo, with many commenting on the resemblance between the two. Interestingly, French agency, Baron & Baron, designed both the Zara and Harper’s logos.

Zara also acknowledged the lack of spacing between the letters in the new logo, and states that: ‘Yes, the new logo letters overlap and are very compressed – but this is kind of visually chic and modern just like the other logos created by Baron & Baron for other luxury brands like Dior, Coach and Bottega Veneta.’

Read The Full Statement Below.

So, What Gives?

Judging from the above insider info, it seems that the main reason for the logo change is purely to keep the brand fresh and modern. Zara ended off the above post by stating: ‘Change is always necessary, even if it is not popular. Viva the new Zara logo change!’

And, if you think about it, in order to continue to be a disruptive, modern and evolving fashion brand (it’s tough out there!), change (at times) is necessary. The logo change comes at a time where other changes are taking place: last month Zara launched its first-ever makeup line. However, it’s not available in SA just yet.

We just ask you one thing, Zara – please don’t change your clothes!

Bloomberg Recently Posted a Diagram to Show The Logos of Luxury Brands Who Have Recently Changed Their logos:


Evidently, many luxury brands are opting for the all-caps, sans-serif look – a relatively clean and simple font that some would say is snooze-worthy. However, in a time that is celebrating individuality, perhaps these brands know a thing or two.

Their simple logos see a movement away from elitist-looking script fonts that can potentially come across as ‘pretentious’. They also don’t pertain to a certain look or style, but rather appeal to a broader audience. So are brands stripping their identity to appeal to the masses? Or are they cleverly seeking to appeal to, well, everyone – in turn, making them more accessible?

This comes at a time where sneakers and ‘hypebeast’ street attire are dominating the fashion landscape. Perhaps the new-logo movement is one that supports the booming streetwear revolution that’s dominating style feeds worldwide (even luxury brands have been ‘forced’ into creating streetwear – think Louis Vuitton and Supreme’s collection – one of the first street-luxury collabs that was beyond successful).


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