These Are The Jeans You Should Be Wearing According to Your Star Sign

It’s written in the stars ✨💫⭐🌟

Hands up – if you wear your trusty jeans almost every-single-day? And, perhaps you check your horoscope on the reg? We know, we do.

We thought it would be fun to see if our star signs could point us in the right denim direction, seeing as we rely so heavily on both, why not marry the two? Scroll down to find out which jean styles you should try out RN based on your star sign.

These Are The Jeans You Should Be Wearing, According to Your Star Sign

1 Capricorn [22 Dec – 19 Jan] – Frayed Denims

Simple and sophisticated are the only words that can describe the style of a Capricorn.  Keep evolving your style by adding in basics with a twist, like jeans with frayed edges.


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2 Aquarius [20 Jan – 18 Feb] – Overalls

You’re never one to shy away from something out of the ordinary, Aquarius, so your denim pick is just as creative as you are.


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3 Pisces [19 Feb – 20 March] – Flared Jeans

This one is dedicated to all the nostalgic Pisces babies. Let’s take a trip down the ’70s style lane and channel groovy vibes with your funky wide-legged denims.


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4 Aries [21 March – 19 April ] – Button-Fly Jeans

Your style commands attention, Aries. As a fearless fire sign, you’re always wearing something eye-catching and that definitely translates into your denim collection. With retro styles and of-the-moment trends in mind, button-fly jeans are definitely the jeans for you.


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5 Taurus [20 April – 21 May] – Boyfriend Jeans

Since you’re practical when it comes to shopping, you look only for investment-worthy pieces that are up to your high standards. When it comes to your denims, look for quality details. Jump onboard the vintage boyfriend jeans train.


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6 Gemini [22 May – 20 June] – Jorts

Your sign’s dual nature makes it hard to pin down your exact style, but that’s also what makes shopping so fun. You’re not tied to any one style, so you like to try them all. Denim for you doesn’t merely mean a pair of jeans but rather a playful pair of jorts, too.


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7 Cancer [21 June – 22 July] – Mom Jeans

The soft and sensitive, and at times, ‘mom of the squad’ Cancerian, will live in coveted mom jeans for years to come.


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8 Leo [23 July – 22 Aug] – Colourful Denims

You bring an infectious energy with you wherever you go, so translate that vibe into a wardrobe that’s just as exuberant as you are.


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9 Virgo [23 Aug – 22 Sept] – Straight-Cut Denims

You’re the loyal kind, so it’s important for you to find a denim brand that you love and then to stick to it. Once you find the perfect straight-cut denims, you’ll want to shop them in every wash and style.


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10 Libra [23 Sept – 22 Oct] – Culottes

Balance is the name of your game, Libra – yet you like your classics with a twist. Denim culottes will work wonders in your jeans wardrobe.

11 Scorpio [23 Oct – 21 Nov] – Vintage Levi’s

You have a signature outfit, and you’re unwavering when it comes to mixing things up. Therefore, you’re one of the most reliable signs of all. Levi’s jeans will never fail you, but we didn’t have to tell you twice.


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12 Sagittarius [22 Nov – 21 Dec] – Acid Wash Jeans

The mind of a Sagittarius is always elsewhere – your next trip, the one after that. But, when you can’t always hop onto the next flight, fashion is there to feed your inner wanderlust.


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Shop the Perfect Pair of Jeans According to Your Star Sign:

1. Capricorn - Frayed Denims

Opt for raw denim when hunting for a frayed style jean as this is the Holy Grail for true denim nerds. If you are looking for a life time jean companion – this the one for you!

R1,386.32 Levi's at Shopbop SHOP NOW

2. Aquarius - Overalls

Yes, your 8th grade art overalls are back in fashion. Pair yours white killer sunnies and chunky sneakers to complete the look.

R419 Superbalist SHOP NOW

3. Pisces - Flared Jeans

Let’s get groovy baby with flared denim. Look for a pair that is snug around the thighs and gradually flares out.

R699 Mango SHOP NOW

4. Aries - The Button Fly

The buttons are a statement in themselves. So need need to over accessorise when rocking these jeans.

R3109.78 My Theresa SHOP NOW

5. Taurus - Boyfriend Jeans

For a relaxed and comfortable look, the boyfriend jean should be your daily go-to.


6. Gemini - Jorts

Mix things up with a denim short, perfect for those steamy hot summer days.

R249 Superbalist SHOP NOW

7. Cancer - Mom Jeans

I got it from my MAMA! If you weren’t luckily enough to inherit a pair of these from your mom. Get yours RN! Opt for a high waisted loose fit when looking for your perfect mom jean.

R549 Brave Soul at Zando SHOP NOW

8. Leo - Colourful Denims

Add some colour to your wardrobe with these red hot denims, and if your really feeling edgy, pair it with a matching jacket.

R549 Supre at Superbalist SHOP NOW

9. Virgo - Straight-cut Jeans

Denim trousers are the most universally know sillhoutte. We are loving the elongated seam in front for a more flattering look.

R1499 Levi's at Superbalist SHOP NOW

10. Libra - Culottes

Culottes are no longer reserved for mid-century gentlemen. Now, the calf grazing pants are one of the hottest silhouette trends around.

R599 Foschini SHOP NOW

11. Scorpio - Vintage Levi's

Vintage 501’s – say no more.

R1499 Levi's at Superbalist SHP NOW

12. Sagittarius - Acid Wash

Subtly stir up nostalgia and wear acid wash jeans with other ’90s-style.

R249.99 The Fix SHOP NOW

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