4 Fashion Trends That Will Make Us Cringe When We Look Back at 2017

How will we explain Crocs on the runway?

In the world of fashion, a trend can go from covetable to cringe in a flash. In this case, 2017 is that flash.

It’s been a pretty crazy year. Trump is president, Jay-Z confessed to cheating on Beyonce, and crocs made an appearance on the runway. Yep, let’s not forget the Christopher Kane moment that left the fashion world in shock.

In hindsight, bedazzled Crocs were pretty far down on our list of 2017 sartorial missteps.

Ready to cringe? Let’s go:

1 The Thong Jeans

Thoughts on the next #trend the #ThongJeans would You Wear these? Know someone that would? @ratandpuffshow

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These barely-there denims were spotted on the ramp at Tokyo Fashion Week, and team Cosmo had a lot to say about them (check out #COSMOreacts for more). We love distressed jeans as a trend, and we’re really into unique ways to wear, use and engineer denim, but we’ll probably have a tough time explaining this trend to the grandkids one day.

2 The platforms that went too far

Before 2017, only the following people could wear Crocs and get away with it:

1 Chefs

2 Medical staff

3 Babies on the beach

Mid-2017, the universe aligned and fell apart at the same time. Crocs were spotted on the runway not ONCE, but TWICE, by two different designers. Balenciaga followed in Christopher Kane’s plastic footsteps and showcased platform Crocs at Fashion Week.

3 Boots that went up even higher than the thigh

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Thigh-high boots were HUGE news for FW 17, but some of us took it just a little bit too far. Kendall Jenner, you’re taking the blame for this one.

4.Flip Flop heels… Yeah

We all worship at the throne of Queen Rihanna, but damn she served us with a lot of crazy trends this year. From super skinny frames and way high boots, RiRi tried it all, and we applauded it all. Except maybe the flip flop heel. (Until Summer 2018, that is.)

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