The Statement Shoes to Make Your Outfit Stand Out

*these are so pretty*

Find yourself looking at your wardrobe and releasing a massive sigh at the dullness of it? *Preach* Well, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. One of the most game-changing additions you can make to your wardrobe right now is look-at-me statement shoes.

Here are the attention-grabbing shoes that can rescue pretty much any outfit

1 Merci Bouquet

Stessyf in Red, R1 299 ALDO

Bold blooms and Asian florals have one thing in common: they will energise your 2018 footwear wardrobe. Dainty, flirty and utterly feminine, these surprisingly versatile pumps are like a Monet painting for your feet.

Go all out and mix florals with florals. Yes, you read right. Layer your floral shoes with floral mid-length dresses or skirts to add an exclamation point to your outfit.

2 Put a sock on it!

Ulyssia in Midnight Black, R1 499 ALDO

Take your footwear game from ‘just okay’ to ‘queen, you slay!’ with these sleek and curve-contouring sock booties. The style has become a mainstay on the runway and we are here for it. This neoprene style features a zipper for slip-on ease and an open toe for warm-weather styling.

If pairing with jeans, go for a straight, slightly cropped frayed pair. If you’re teaming them with a dress, opt for a mini or maxi style to balance your outfit.

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