Taylor Swift Showed Up at the Billboard Music Awards Dressed Like a Sexy Ice Skater


  • Taylor Swift arrived at the Billboard Music Awards wearing a wild and wonderful outfit that is best described as “ice skater chic.”
  • Taylor performed her new single “ME!” with Brendon Urie for the first time.

Hello there, Taylor Swift arrived on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet wearing what can only be described as, like, a giant purple frill that spawned a bunch of other purple frills. Or, as my coworker just put it, a ‘country figure skating outfit.’ Or perhaps it’s best described as Marie Antoinette if she was crossed with JoJo Siwa’s ponytail. In other words: I love it! New Taylor is a mood!

FYI, Tay is at the Billboard Music Awards to gift the world the very first performance of her new single ‘ME!’ with Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie, which is part of her highly mysterious TS7 era. You know, the one that’s basically caused fans to spiral into the magical land of conspiracy theories? Yeah, it’s been a lot! But whatever, let’s stare at Taylor’s outfit for a while:

Damn, she brought it. Taylor struck a pose like it was her job:


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She served looks from every single angle:


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She made sure everyone knows that she’s NOT engaged yet by wearing a ring on literally every finger BUT that one:


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In the words of Taylor herself: JE SUIS CALM!!!!!!!

This post originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com

Feature image: @justjared

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