Sophie Turner Claps Back after Being Shamed for Wearing Socks and Sandals

Snaps and claps for Sophie.

With the media constantly glamourising celebrities, we (sometimes) forget that they are real people who wake up with messy hair and get that occasional zit that no amount of concealer can fix.

And, when you’re a huge celebrity like Sophie Turner, paparazzi are sure to follow, regardless of whether you’re dressed to the nines or taking out the trash on the weekend.


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Earlier this week Sophie was seen wearing a socks-and-sandals combo out on the streets. The press went wild writing on Twitter with some even saying that the Game of Thrones actress was attempting to make this ‘controversial’ trend happen.

Twitter’s Reaction:

Her Clapback:

On Saturday, August 24, she quickly clapped back saying, ‘Nah we’ve all been taking out the trash like this for years and you know it.’ Gurl literally preached and doubled slapped the press in the groin. Yaaas kween.

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