Fitness Guru Rushtush Just Launched Her Own Clothing Line and Lifestyle App

Get your fit on! ?


One of our fave influencers, fitness guru, mom and style kween is doing the most in the fitness industry. Rushda Moosajee AKA Rushtush recently closed her gym ‘Glow’ where she was an owner and trainer for 8 years to focus on her new ventures. 2019 has been a very busy year for her. Last month she launched her very own lifestyle app called ‘Rushtush Life app’. The app enables you to shop lifestyle products from her very own range. What can’t she do, right? The products include her new clothing and accessories line, as well as her pharmaceuticals line.

The App:

It’s super user-friendly and sees three main categories: Athleisure, pharmaceuticals and beauty. This obviously means she will be launching her own beauty range soon and we can’t wait. Yaaas girl.


The Fashion: Athleisure 1 by Rushtush

We got to experience her brand new clothing range first-hand at her launch event. The clothing is super minimalistic and practical with a certain edge brought on by the images she has chosen to print on her limited edition ICON tee’s. The range is both size and culturally-inclusive.

‘I’ve treated every piece as if it were something I would love to wear or buy for a special friend! Although I would never wear a tee with my face on it, I was persuaded to pay tribute to my career and life as a mom.’ – Rushda.

Rushtush Life App

Rushtush Pharmaceutical Range:

Her pharmaceutical range can also be shopped through the app. The range includes whey protein, glucoses-support and a metabolic Oral Spray, perfect for fitness bunnies alike.

Rushtush Gluc-Support

We can’t wait to see how the app grows to become a complete fitness journey tool. Good luck on this new venture kween! Head to the ‘Rushtush Life app’ via the app store to shop all things fashion and fitness.

Image: Rushtush

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