The #COSMOPerfectlyMe Warriors Are Here to Help Boost Your Self Confidence and Be More Body Positive

‘We are enough and so are our bodies’ đź’Ą

As part of October’s Me Issue, we featured three local ladies who celebrate body positivity, AKA COSMO’s fearless body warriors, to be part of our fashion editorial and digital campaign dubbed #COSMOPerfectlyMe.

We styled these three fierce women in lingerie worn alongside streetwear separates to show our readers how to wear their innerwear as daywear. The result? Fun, powerful images and ultimately, fashion being showcased in a way that can make you feel sexy and confident while embracing the body you were born in!


Meet Our Body Positive Warriors

Nadine Williams, Michelle de Villiers and Siphokazi Veti expressed what body positivity means to them, as well as shared their best self-love tips. Here’s all you need to know about these fire babes and what body positivity means to them.

Nadine Williams – Art Director and Designer


Art director and designer, Nadine, believes that everyone has the choice to love themselves ‘from the inside out’. She believes body positivity is about appreciating and celebrating bodies that come in all shapes, sizes and colour.

‘For plus-size women, shopping can be quite disheartening considering that 70% of clothes in South Africa are imported, and at most stores, the standard size “large”, is ridiculously undersized,’ said Nadine. ‘Finding the right clothes, with the right fit, speaks to my soul and transforms my energy.’ This is how Nadine embraces fashion in a way that makes her feel sexy and confident in her body.

Siphokazi Veti – Writer, Influencer & Feminist


Sipho calls herself a body warrior because she says everyone deserves to love their body, and we couldn’t agree more. One look at Siphokazi’s Instagram and you will see how body positivity is a part of her everyday life.

She believes in ‘loving and committing to yourself’ and that ‘seeking validation from outside ourselves makes us not believe in our own worth’. When asked about fashion and the role it plays in her body positivity journey, Siphokazi explained, ‘Fashion plays a huge part in the way we are able to express ourselves as individuals. When fashion doesn’t represent your size, it perpetuates this idea that some bodies aren’t good or worth enough.’

Michelle de Villiers – SA’s First Curve Model


Michelle De Villiers is one of South Africa’s first international curve models. She believes in normalising all body types, especially in her industry, where her body can often be considered not the ‘norm’.

‘Loving yourself is not selfish,’ said Michelle. ‘In a world where being positive in one’s body can often be mistaken for arrogance, it is important to validate ourselves and be proud of the body we are in. True love begins with yourself.’

Michelle’s career as a curve model makes practicing self-love crucial. In terms of fashion and the fashion industry, Michelle shared some wise (and hilaries!) words, ‘Many women are empowered by the term “plus-size”. I mean, everyone loves an iPhone, but we all know the iPhone plus has better features.’ You go, girl!

Check Out Our ‘Body Positivity 101’ Video Below:

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The Dream Team

Photographer: Katina Bester at Hero Creative Management

Fashion: Bev Nates & Cleo Marcopoulos

Fashion Assistant: Clare Robertson

Fashion Interns: Lesego Mtsolongo & Samantha Manne

Hair: Mary Gouveia

Makeup: Renee De Wit at Gloss Artist Managment


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