Quick question: are these optical illusion shoes black or white?

If you say black, you’re wrong.

  • Someone posted a pair of Nike shoes and they’re fully an optical illusion.
  • Some people think the shoes are black and some think they’re white.

We’ve just barely recovered from that cursed swing video, and now there’s another optical illusion demanding our attention and forcing us to throw glasses at our friends if they don’t see what we see. This time, some Nike shoes are dividing the world because while some people think they’re black, others see white. (I see questionable design choices, but that’s beside the point!)

This here optical illusion is brought to you by a Twitter user who goes by Gino, aka @_MasterSalah. Earlier this week, Gino posted a photo of said shoes and asked, ‘Twitter are these white or black because all I see is white,’ and thus began my nightmare. For reference, here are the shoes:

Okay, here’s the deal. At first, you might see black, but once your eyes adjust, you can see that the shoes are some white Nike Air Force 1s with a weird glow-in-the-dark Louis Vuitton pattern on top and surrounding them. At least, that’s what I’m going with, especially after I googled the shoes and found this design for around R3 165.

If you don’t believe me or the actual shoes for sale, one Twitter user explained why they might look black to some people. They tweeted, ‘They are white with 3M details. This fabric is light reflective so when you take a picture with low light, it does that effect.’

And another person hit everyone with a dose of common sense and replied, ‘Bruh they’re literally white shoes in the dark. If they were black, you wouldn’t be able to see them so clearly.’

Case closed!

This post originally appeared on cosmopolitan.com

Feature Image:@_MasterSalah

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