Meghan Markle Steps Out in the Most Interesting Pair of Shoes She's Ever Worn

Hello, yes, Carrie Bradshaw?

Meghan Markle, overnight style icon with impeccable shoe game, just wore the most interesting and glam pair of heels she’s ever worn. If you’re susceptible to shoe envy, please proceed with caution.

At tonight’s Endeavour Fund Awards with Prince Harry, she paired her Givenchy skirt/shirt outfit with these black and gold Aquazzura mules.

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And like…they are iconic?? Seriously, they look amazing.

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The only thing (maybe) better than the shoes is the slit on that skirt. Who among us can rock a hemline like that while 6 months pregnant? Meghan. That’s who.

She and Prince Harry went to this same event last year, and Meghan wore a super chic suit. Yeah, you remember the one.

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It’s almost like her outfit this year is an intentional throwback to that outfit, but the ~maternity~ version.

Here’s some footage of the two of them walking into the event, looking as fab as ever:

And here’s a picture of Meghan looking super cute inside the awards ceremony:

Getty Images

Never change, guys!

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Feature Image: @people

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