Converse’s Love Fearlessly campaign celebrates self-love and individuality!

The new Converse collection is inspiring AF

Converse Love Fearlessly campaign

Converse is on a mission to revolutionise the way we think about self-love with their Love Fearlessly campaign. The initiative focuses on loving yourself first before seeking validation from others.

‘Love Fearlessly’ is an evolution of the brand’s initial ‘Love The Progress’ collection, which encouraged women around the world to define their gender in their own words.

The New Converse Collection 

The new Converse collection is inspired by the thought of celebrating your individuality to encourage self-love. 

Converse Love Fearlessly campaign

We love that the collection is bold and unapologetic, and every sneaker silhouette features a mix of graphic prints, written messages and details such as mended and patched eyelets – each detail is an ode to imperfection. 


Converse Chuck 70 Love Leather High Top


These Chuck 70 High Top sneakers feature tiny heart pinstripes, a heart graphic on the tongue, and bold ‘LOVE FEARLESSLY’ graphic on the toe bumper – encouraging us to embrace self-love.


Converse Love Fearlessly Dinner 

The Love Fearlessly collection features messages of love and is the perfect direction for its socially-driven campaign, which featured two unbelievable dinners with female members of the Converse_X_ community on International Women’s Day as part of Converse’s intimate evenings. 

Thirteen creatives, who are exclusive members of the private community and valued media representatives, were invited to the three-course dinners in Cape Town and Jo’burg, which sparked awe-inspiring conversations about self-love, self-acceptance and breaking the boundaries of self-criticism.

Intimate Evenings: Cape Town 

Guests gathered at The White Room in the Gorgeous George Hotel. The amazing guest speaker, Anelisa Mangcu steered an intuitive 30-minute talk with the group about her work as a cultural worker and connecter. 

She also discussed the vision of making dreams a reality, and age versus career goals – debunking the misconceptions behind being ‘too old’ to explore opportunities outside of your comfort zone. 

At the end of the dinner, custom floral bouquets were given to each guest and, when asked about what loving yourself means, COSMO fashion editor Clare Robertson said: 

‘For me, loving yourself is about giving yourself the right to chase your dreams and to prioritise yourself, despite the variety of outcomes that society may expect from you.’

Each pair of sneakers in the collection is distinct but the message is unified: 

‘If we can learn to love ourselves first – in celebration of our individuality – we can then love fearlessly!’

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