Here’s the 411 on online shopping during lockdown

It’s probably time to pick up a book then.


Let’s be real, this lockdown situation is (although responsible) so hard! Say goodbye to walks on the promenade, a trip to your favourite eatery, or grabbing that essential coffee in the morning. It is definitely going to take a whole lot of patiences and meditation to get used to the new quarantine life.

Going into a national lockdown has us all a bit nervous and confused. There are so many questions up in the air. For instance, ‘can i still fuel my online shopping addiction’? LBH, it’s the question on everyones lips and we demand answers!


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We decided to put your mind at ease by thoroughly investigating what business will still be open during this lockdown. To be honest, it ain’t looking good. The *only* businesses that will remain open are hospitals, grocery stores, banks, petrol stations and healthcare providers. This includes: ‘Companies that are essential to the production and transportation of food, basic goods and medical supplies will remain open,’ said Ramaphosa. Keep yourself informed, honey.

Here are specific updates on a few of our fave online destinations:


Takealot will remain open but the e-commerce giant will *ONLY* be supplying necessary goods as an essential service provider. The have completely removed the ability to purchase non-essential products.


As we all know, Superbalist has totally changed the online shopping game in South Africa. As a result of the COVID-19 virus, this cyber store has had to temporarily stop processing orders or returns. What a shame!


Business goes on as usual on the Foschini website, except for the fact that deliveries will take place from 20 April onwards. Browse, select, and shop away. All you have to do is be patient for the arrival of your package. Definitely something to look forward to after lockdown.


Similar to the above, Poetry is still accepting and processing orders but is delaying delivery. For the health and safety of their staff and customers, delivery will only take place after the lockdown.

Cotton On:

This brand has decided to take a short break and to continue full-speed-ahead as soon as the 21 days are over. They urge their customers to stay connected with them on all of their social media platforms. We are counting down the days!


MRP’s website states ‘our doors may be closed, but our hearts are open.’ They also elaborate on the importance of staying positive, happy and connected. We couldn’t agree more.


Spend your 21 days browsing through the endless clothing options on Zara’s online store. The days will go by quicker and your package will arrive just after the 3 weeks.

Take this time to cleanse and rejuvenate your bank account of consistent abuse.


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It is completely understandable that some of us may mourn the loss of our cyber-shopping capabilities. However, we need to pull ourselves towards ourselves and focus on what is truly the priority.

Keep your pretty little self safe, healthy, and indoors. Binge watch a Netflix series, start exercising like you said you would, and become the next South African Masterchef (self-appointed). We’ve got this!

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