This Local Designer Just Showcased at New York Fashion Week

Bringing SA design to the Big Apple

Lukhanyo Mdingi is one of the most exciting voices in South African design. The locally acclaimed conceptual designer is gaining international traction and we are SO here for it! Insert: loud clapping in admiration.

From the past we have seen that Lukhanyo’s collections always have a clear storyline, so it’s no surprise that his latest ‘PERENNIAL’ collection, that showcased at New York Fashion Week yesterday, is full of substance and rich design, truly unique to his aesthetic as an African designer. This is his very first solo show at NYFW – so totally casual – right?

See The PERENNIAL Collection Here:

Here’s What He Had To Say About The Experience:

The Inspiration Behind The NYFW Collection:

Lukhanyo dove into his personal archives for this particular showcase. He wanted something that was honest and completely rooted by considered and intelligent design in the most honest and respectful way. That’s why the collection is titled ‘PERENNIAL’ (meaning ‘everlasting’ and ‘eternal’), creating something timeless in an organic and beautiful way.


What Lukhanyo Thinks Will Set His Collection Apart:

Fabric is Lukhanyo’s immediate medium with the aim being to simply use and be aligned with the best quality, so craftsmanship and fabrics become an instrumental part in achieving this.



His collection features garments in a spectrum of rich neutral shades such as tobacco and rust, as well as fresh (yet still opulent) lighter shades such as cream and camel – all very on trend for this coming autumn winter.



The collection is steady, solid and strong and there’s a notion of modern refinement that’s based off timeless classics and the ‘essentials’. You will be seeing a lot of  rich brushed tobacco and ivory coloured Angora Mohairs and Merino wools.

We are so incredibly proud of this local talent flexing his talent in the Big Apple, and super excited to see the big things to come in his future. Here’s to you Lukhayo!

Images from: Fucking Young!

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