Lady Gaga’s bridesmaid dress matched her pink hair at her makeup artist’s wedding

*googles how to be more like Lady Gaga*

  • Lady Gaga was a bridesmaid at her makeup artist Sarah Tanno’s wedding in Mexico and matched her dress to her pink hair.
  • Gaga was seen dancing in several amazing videos that you can go ahead and watch below.

What did you do this weekend? I spent my days staring at the living miracle that is Baby Yoda, and I’m thrilled to report that my heart belongs to Disney+ now! Meanwhile, Lady Gaga hit up her friend and longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno’s wedding in Mexico and served looks.

Gaga hit Instagram to show off a picture of her wedding outfit, writing, ‘Two of my best friends just got married. Time to party!’ As you can see unless your eyes have turned into literal hearts, Gaga is wearing a gorgeous pink silk gown with a thigh-high slit and matched her hair to the colour perfectly. Also, apparently she has a direct line to whoever controls the weather. She managed to get the sunset to complement the bubblegum hues in both her hair and dress.

Check out the gawgus lewk below:

lady gaga

I know at this point, you’re probably like, ‘I NEED MORE PICS LIKE I NEED OXYGEN TO SURVIVE,’ so here ya go.

lady gaga

And here’s her look at the rehearsal dinner. Above all we love the chic black dress:

HERE’S some truly iconic footage of her dancing at the reception:

FYI, in case you haven’t been obsessively keeping up with Gaga’s hair changes like some of us (hi, me), she actually dyed her hair pink back in October:

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